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A Doemain of Our Own comes to an end

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After nearly 10 years in the running, webcomic A Doemain of Our Own is shutting up shop and finally coming to an end.

In a statement posted on the site, Susan Rankin - the mind behind the comic - called it an "amazing run" and thanked her readers for making her feel "truly blessed".

The second Doemain book - Shift Happens - was released this month too, to accompany the previous self-titled volume of Doemail strips.

Rankin is planning future projects, however they are yet to be disclosed.

A Doemain of Our Own isn't the only one however, Ozy & Millie is another long-running strip popular amongst fandom members that will be soon coming to an end. The strip is already well into it's finale and is due to end in the next few weeks.


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