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Cats in Cyberspace

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Cats. Computers. From the Meisha Merlin website. See for a picture of the cover and ordering information.

Cats in Cyberspace

by Beth Hilgartner

A book for anyone who has ever been owned by a cat.

It's a cat's life for Fluffy and PKP until their two-feet companions have to take a JOB out of the home. Gone are the days of snacks on demand and Quality Time petting and purring. Instead, Fluffy is left at the mercy of her psychotically aggressive sister, PKP (that's Princess KILLER Pinknose, to you!) while Dana and Colin work as wage slaves. It won't do! Fortunately for Fluffy, when Dana tries to introduce Colin to the Internet, Inspiration-with-a-capital-I strikes. Fluffy takes matters into her own capable paws, and before you can say “dogs are stupid” the two felines are racing along in the fast lane of the Information Superhighway.

Well, technology is a great thing, but the Superhighway still has plenty of potholes. From the difficulties of reining in PKP's killer instincts (“What do you mean insider information is illegal?”) to the Pizza Problem, Fluffy has her paws full as the two cats navigate their way toward complete financial freedom for their two-feet pals.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

Just to correct a slight typo in the link above, here is the proper link.

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