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Egyptian Jackal is actually a wolf

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North African jackalResearchers have found that Egyptian Jackal is actually a member of the Grey Wolf species complex. [thesaprophelite/a.f.f]

Phylogenetic testing confirmed that the species – previously classified as a sub-species of the Golden Jackal – is most closely related to the Indian and Himalayan Wolf, confirming long-held suspicions over its heriatige.

The paper also notes discovery of individuals in the Ethiopian highlands, and suggests the taxon be renamed the African Wolf.


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Hah hah..poor jackals.... no longer have royal symbol for Egypt.

Go Meerkats!

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Well shit.

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Does this mean Lucario are actually ninja wolves, not ninja jackals? o__0

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I don't think so. To me, the species looks like the black-backed jackal or side-striped jackal – they're very lightly built.

Notably, these two members of Canis cannot interbreed with the others.

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I'mma gonna smack you for that. :I

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GreenReaper they tested it's DNA

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Anubis... you ARE the father!

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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