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FursuitTV marks 5th anniversity with 3-hour show

Edited as of Mon 7 Mar 2011 - 14:14
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Costuming-heavy clip show FursuitTV is holding a three-hour special today at 5PM EST (10PM GMT, 2PM PST, 11PM CET) to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

The show is to contain this year's best clips plus new material, and can be seen via direct stream or JustinTV. Watchers can discuss the show in real time on #FursuitTV (Anthrochat).


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You can download past episodes from Timduru's Fursuit Archive, so if you missed it, check back later and you can download the episode.

(Note: may not include live segments.)

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And everyone had a good time:

Titash and Timduru

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