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Should Flayrah get a new logo?

Edited by crossaffliction as of Mon 10 Aug 2015 - 02:13
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Yeah, that text is ugly
45% (25 votes)
No way - I like how it is
9% (5 votes)
I don't care as long as the stories are good
46% (26 votes)
Votes: 56


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What logo, really? There's a carrot for an icon but really, what's on the site itself can't be called a logo. I don't think an art orgasm is needed, scribbles will do fine.

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While I am a logo designer for those who don't want to pay a "real" professional, I definitely know that sometimes text is simple enough for a logo. The color is simple and a unique; I really haven't seen any other sites with this color, but then again I am color blind (oh the irony). The lowercase "f" encapsulates the rest of the text nicely, and the balance is a nice looping... thing (the "fl" and "h" are taller, the "a"'s and "r" are nice and flat, and lined up with the top of the "y", and the "y" comes down for nice balance in the middle. If you read that entire post, then give yourself a pat on the back... I don't know why I am defending the current logo so heavily, but, ya' know,... that's just me.

(P.S. please don't just deliberately comment "tl;dr")

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Perhaps keep the text but use CSS3 webfonts to apply a consistent font across platforms.

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