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Dating show lumps furs with trekkies, chubby lovers

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Could furry be holding your love life back? Los Angeles television producers appear to think so, judging by a recent casting call for an unnamed show (seemingly Saralane's Reality World):

Looking for Vampires, Wolves, furries, adult babies, trekkies, comic book lovers, body builders, Wiccans, puppetears (sic.), roller chicks, chubby lovers, ... Are you single and genuinely looking to find true love, but something is holding you back??

Researchers at the University of California, Davis might disagree; their 2007 furry survey found 'about half' the respondents were in a relationship – 76% involving other furries.


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I would say that the furry fandom has contributed to the various wonderful relationships I have been in. This is ridiculous. A hatchet job, if you ask me.

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LOL I got a note on Facebook from them!

"Hihi this is kind of random, but my name is Saralane and I was at recent furry convention last Friday night. I am new to the furry world and my friend and I wanted to check it out, and had a blast! The reason why I am writing you is because I am looking for someone in the furry community that is genuinely looking to find true love, but has not found it yet for a television pilot (not for tv) Any pointers or tips to find someone who might be interested in California would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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"Saralane"? As in "Saralane Boasberg, Production Associate on The Tyra Banks Show"?

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Apparently now she's working on Saralane's Reality World — and what do you know, they're recruiting:

CASTING CALL: Single men and women of all ages and all locations with unusual dating habits or obsessions. If you or anyone you know has a habit, or obsession that has held you back from finding true love - we want to help you! Message me for deets.

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wow, what a manipulative, lying whore.

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Any trekkies reading that headline are going "what the hell did we just get sandwiched between?"

That and complaining that you didn't call them "Trekkers."

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Also, just for the record, (and this comment is going to get so blammed) I find the percentage of furries in multiple past relationships with almost exclusively other furries to be a pretty darn disturbing statistic, actually.

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I don't blame it, I agree. I'd like to be with a furry but furry relationships do seem to be rather weak and drama-filled. Plus nearly always long-distance (perhaps leading to the previous point.) I'm probably in the minority though that I like furs going on TV and stuff.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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If I'm reading the percentage right, of the half in a relationship 3/4ths were with other furries. So figure 100 respondents - 50 in a relationship and 3/4ths of that is 38. So 38% of furries surveyed were dating other furries.

Realistically you're in a better position to find someone to date within the pool of people you see most often. For a lot of furs the largest or most interactive group they deal with is other furries, not to mention other things going in favor of dating another furry - having the similar interest, the rather laid-back nature of the fandom (in terms of dating, more 'exotic' interests a person might hold, etc), and it helps that you don't have to have a probably awkward conversion of what those conventions you're attending or why some of your friends are wearing tails or mascot costumes and why is there a picture folder on your computer which is password protected :P
I'm gonna go out on a limb and make the statement that because of many furries hanging out with other furries, male furs who describe themselves as bi-sexual are more likely to be dating males than females because that's the group they feel most comfortable with and within that group males seem to outnumber females.

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For a lot of furs the largest or most interactive group they deal with is other furries

Actually, this is really what I'm talking about.

The "furries dating furries" thing is a symptom of the "furries only hanging out with furries" thing.

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I didn't realize the werewolf fans were so plentiful these days that they'd start being a named component of the weird sub-groups shows/episodes... Stephanie Meyer must be proud or horrified, maybe both.

If the 'Wolves' group was talking about Therians then I'm actually more shocked that they would separate that idea from the Furry shout-out ;P

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Yeah, I'm thinking "wolves" was referring to therians. A lot of people, particularly the media, just don't know that they use the term "therian" to refer to themselves, nor that they can be other animals besides just wolves. Therianthropy and furry are different things, but there is admittedly a lot of overlap in the communities. I'm both myself.

-Anonymous Female Fox

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A lot of people do get hung up on wanting to date exclusively within the fandom. Only two of my five boyfriends have also been furry. My better relationships have been with non-furs, oddly enough.

- Anonymous Female Fox

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The original source mentioned trekkies; trekkers are free to presume it does not concern them.

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[comment removed on request]

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Re-reading the list... so do I. :P

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So, who will it be this time?
Remember what happened with Tyra Banks? People said not to go on, but someone did.
Remember what happened with Strange Addiction? People said not to go on, but someone did.

So, someone along the line is going to be looking for their 15 mimutes of fame, then get upset when the story is twisted, and they don't get the pats on the back they desired.

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Yeah, I remember Tyra Banks.

A nice, young couple admitted they have sex on national TV without being married yet! Oh, no! They were only engaged, y'all! How scandalous! Sometimes, the sex is even a little bit kinky! Gasp!

Did you even watch the show? The studio audience liked Tom Cat and Chew Fox, who accosted themselves well and truthfully. I kind of thought it was sad when Chew Fox talked about hoping to have a "furry" wedding. The fandom acted, collectively, like a dick on that one.

As far as Strange Addictions is concerned, another furry telling the fandom to go fuck itself after what it did to those two was actually kind of awesome.

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More furries need to tell the fandom to go fuck itself, but in the right way. In the past, most people who have done that have themselves been sociopaths who run and collect more sociopaths to form organizations bent on destroying the furry fandom. Those guys are no better than the people they spend the next decade cyberstalking and character assassinating.

Fandom's prob is that it bought the propaganda of mainstream mockery and psychotic former fans and has closed inward on itself to defend the herd. (Herd! Ha! Animal people.) Now there is just rampant hypocrisy where fandom's biggest community is a porn site plastered with porn banners, and ninety nine percent of material posted is porn... but fandom circles around that with a defensive shield and whines about how furries aren't just porn every time the public takes notice again.

Furries attack honest furries because honest furries don't follow the party line that neurotic fans believe actually hides the reality of the fandom from public view. It is true that the public responded not bad at all to Chew Fox and co. because they acted like adults and adopted the position 'we are kinky, we are grown ups, it is our business.'

Could be the uncomfortable truth is most furries are too unsophisticated to relate to their own kinks like grown-ups, they know this, and so behave like teenagers who hide the porn mags under the bed and pretend they are innocent children when mother comes in to clean up the room.

Groupthink in fandom is very bad, very poison, right now. Mind you, the few wannabe critics fandom has are generally nutcases who just want to get revenge on people, because they came from the same clique of dysfunctional nerds as the worst furries they target. They are not helping.

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Yes, I did watch the episode. And the audience as well as the host were laughing at them, becuase it is something so far out of the norm for most people.

And the reaction of most of the fandom was because she painted herself to be a representitive of the fandom, which her actions are not represnetative of the majority of the fandom. Then you had her posts, one of which she admitted to having Tyra Banks ask certain questions, so she could deny them. Um, yeah, if you deny it, people will question it more.

Now, did you read my post?

I used those as examples, because people said not to do it, because reality tv will always twist stuff to fit their needs. Notice how I said both parties got upset when their words were twisted? You know, something they were warned would happen?

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As Harrison Ford once claimed to have told George Lucas, "Yeah, but it was a good laugh."

Jesus, are you really that afraid to be laughed at? Furry is funny; if you can't accept that, maybe it's time for you to find a new hobby.

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I remember an episode of "Baggage" where the Trekkie was the date accepted by the contestant... and in a twist of irony it was HER baggage that was revealed that made HIM say no.

Seriously if you're having trouble getting tail in this fandom, something is wrong with you and it's not the furry part... (*ahem* ignoring the fact I've gotten no tail of course *cough*)

I think what's holding most of us nerds back is "Standards", you know, being single isn't and shouldn't be seen as second class citizenship by people like her, it's disgusting. The pressure to couple up and not take one's time with such an important decision is the very root cause of the 1 in 2 breakup rate in this country.

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Although I agree and would never do a show like this, I actually did speak with the producer bc I was curious. It isn't a show lumping all of those characters together, but will involve people with interesting hobbies or passions. Anyway of course there are going to be those that disagree and those that think it is fun, but she doesn't work for Tyra now she works for a production company. I agree with Skirtandzy, but if someone chooses to do this good for them there are always gonna be haterz and luvers :) Hopefully we can show the fandom in positive light :/

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So, wait, someone actually did some actual reporting on a newsite, and his comment almost got blammed.

Good job, guys.

Write your interview up and submit it next time!

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