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Rabbi sentences 'reincarnated' dog to death by stoning

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While most would ignore a stray dog or call an animal control unit, Jewish rabbis in Jerusalem sentenced a wandering dog to be stoned to death. The crime? The dog was suspected to be the reincarnated spirit of a secular lawyer who had insulted the court 20 years ago.

Update (20 Jun): The court concerned has strongly denied the original source's claims.

The lawyer in question had been cursed by the judges of the Monetary Affairs Court so his spirit would be reincarnated in a dog, an unclean animal. (Dogs are also unclean in Islam, forcing at least one blind Muslim to get a guide horse instead of a guide dog.)

The judge allegedly called on neighbourhood children to carry out the sentence. This was later denied by court leader Rabbi Avraham Dov Levin, but confirmed by a court manager, who said that:

They didn't think of it as cruelty to animals, but as an appropriate way to 'get back at' the spirit which entered the poor dog.

The dog – who previously refused to leave – managed to escape. A complaint has been filed against Rabbi Levin by the Let Animals Live organisation.


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wait...What? They sentence a random dog to death because they think it has an evil spirit in it? I would like to learn how they came to that conclusion. at least the dog got away.

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It wasn't even an evil person--"Herp derp he said mean things bout my court 20 years ago let's be butthurt and kill a dog!"

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A Jewish person a believing in reincarnation? Now I have seen everything.

And they did it because a court put a curse on someone? To make them "unclean" to Muslims? Then what does that have to do with Jewish people?

These things seems so nonsensical, and promotes such an intricate agreement between Muslims and Jewish people in the Middle East that I think I'm gonna need a bit more sources before even believing it's true. If it's true it's sad that the stoning of a dog is what ends up bringing both cultures together.

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Yeah, seriously. This is something that delves more into Hinduism than Judaism, let alone Islam.

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Wikipedia suggests some believe in a "soul cycle", and in particular that a human soul:

. . . may occasionally be exiled into lower inanimate, vegetative or animal creations

It is not a central tenet of Judaism, to be sure.

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Ha! Never saw that one coming. Breaking down a single religion can sometimes be as complicated as the English Language, and that's not even including folklore!

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It had nothing to do with Muslims. I put that in just as an aside because the dog is unclean in both religions.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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The worst part is, this isn't even shocking anymore. The stupidity of mankind has become no more than "normal".

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I've always wondered if it were possible to be a muslim and furry, on a different tangent.

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I'm certain that you'll find one group of Muslims that say it's fine to be Muslim and Furry, and you'll find a different group of Muslims that say it's a sin to be Muslim and furry.

On the other hand, one of the earliest books in Islam was Kalilah wa Dimnah, a book of animal stories. (It's from Shia Islam, so many copies are beautifully illustrated.)

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The more you know...

And thank you for telling! :3

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Is it actually religious in content? I thought that was the Arabic translation of the Panchatantra - granted many stories from the Panchatantra go for teaching some moral lesson or another which is common to a lot of religions.

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People are just heartless monsters, they didn't want the dog around them so they used the excuse that "The dog was reincarnated spirit of a secular lawyer who had insulted the court" in attempt to justify their unjustifiable actions. Man is the only living being on this Earth that destroy itself along with the rest of the world on it's own. so far they've do a good job of it.

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Preying Mantis?

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...*facepalm*. thats all i can do right now...

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>a Rabbi believes in reincarnation


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Two days later, a Jerusalem court denies this story is true.

Fred Patten

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The original article also kind of showed that they were denying that was what happened too, and it implied that the dog was shooed away with stones not sentenced to death. It's more towards the end of the article though. Kinda one of those half-truth things the media likes to do.

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Something does not pass the smell test, Judaism, Christianity and Islam teach there will be an afterlife but dose not support reincarnation.

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Good thinking!

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Yes, but according to Wikipedia's article on Reincarnation, recent surveys have shown a growth in the presence of beleif in reincarnation among "western" beleifs, including Christianity.

(i.e., I fall under the Christian spectrum, and was a rat before this.)

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But aren't the memories of your previous life gone, after the "soul recycling" takes place?

I mean, you can't remember anyway.

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Naw, I get memories. I don't beleive it's a "soul recycling" so much as "taking a break and forgetting some stuff".

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"Soul recycling" sounds funnier. Also, I don't have any memories whatsoever. That means, unless you are super special, there is something fishy about your statement.

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It's not as if I can recall anything at any time (not that there's much to recall-- "Scampering across grass, OMG" is a sort of reocurring theme) but I and many other people do. Perhaps you do as well and don't see them as memories. Or maybe this is your first time around.

Trying to debunk my faith in this is like trying to convince me to denounce Christ. So you'll forgive me if I respond to such attempts with an "LOL, 'kay" as I'm not one to lose my spirituality. If you have more questions I'd be happy to answer them, but save me the accusations of my dellusions of grandeur, please--it does nothing to weaken my faith.

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I don't really have a "goal" here, just typing stuff because I'm board.

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And accusing me of thinking I'm "super special" because I hold a spiritual beleif is your idea of a good time? Come now, I've seen trolls with purer intentions.

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You said you have some memories of your previous life. I do not.

See where I was going?

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Simply because you do not experience something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I've never had sex. Does that mean no one else has?

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It takes balls to make a statement like that. Kudos!

Also, Flayrah should have more furry-related articles. Rabbi stones dog? Really??

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If you'd like to register and submit a "more furry-related" story, be my guest.

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And where would I take stories from? It's not like I have anything to tell... or anything.

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I'm going to let you in on a journalistic secret. This is how you find stories. Shh. Don't tell anybody.

Everything is a story.

The trick is realizing that what you care about is worth reporting.

That, and what your editor and/or publisher tells you to report on. But, Green Reaper is way more hands off than, well, anyone on that count.

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First rule of not being a shmuck: if someone shares a secret, ask: why sharing it with me? In other words, not sure if credible.

On a srs note, I got too many hobbies on my list to do this too.

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I like to think Flayrah attracts furs who have an idea of what's news. Besides, if I went to the trouble of assigning stories, I'd never have time to write my own. Heck, I might actually start feeling responsible for the direction of our coverage!

Better to just sit in my cubicle and ruin tinker with your carefully-crafted prose, while figuring out new ways to break upgrade the site.

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I think the site works the way it is, and is furry-related enough so it gets updated often.1

1. Of course, I haven't been here long, so what do I know? There could be an enrire corrupt system underneath things that I'm completely oblivious the river underneath the Nile that's twice as long as the river you see.

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Shh, here's another secret!

I have reliable evidence that Green Reaper is in fact one of five sex/death vixens from outer space bent on world domination via the furry fandom. The other four are Mark Merlino, Uncle Kage, Mitch of CYD, Eric W. Schwartz and TDK.

It's true.

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I have reliable evidence . . .

You mean this? You'll never make it stick!

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It doesn't so much take balls to "admit" I've never done something I've no interest in doing. (Particularly if saying otherwise would be admitting to breaking the law.) >.>

If you know of anything to write about, register an account and write about it.

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As mentioned above, Jewish opinions differ.

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I should do an article one day. Would be an interesting project, might like it. >_> hmmmm.

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