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Worldcon in Philadelphia; how many Furry fans there?

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Millennium Philcon, the 2001 World S-f Convention, is at the Philadelphia downtown Convention Center from Thursday, Aug. 30 through Monday, Sept. 3. Paul Kidd will be there; so will I (Fred Patten). How many other Furfen will be there? Are there any plans yet for a gettogether or party? The Worldcon is very expensive to join at the door, but memberships are not needed for hotel parties at night.


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I was gong to attend, but plans fell through. Maybe '03 up in Toronto.

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I'll be at WorldCon on Saturday with World Tree demos (2 pm and 8 pm, room 107, I think.) Would love to see any of you there. I'm not running a party, but I'd attend one if it happened :).

--Vicki Bloom, World Tree RPG

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Hi, Vicki!

I will make a note of this and attend if I can. Paul Kidd says he will attend with Bruce Rowe & Darrell Benvenuto representing Vision Books. Almost no other Furries have been heard from. I am sharing a room with two non-Furry fans (one is Art Widner, in his 80s), so it is unfortunately not convenient for me to host a party.



Fred Patten

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I'll be there! I haven't been to a Worldcon since 1992 (Orlando) but I discovered furry fandom at the 1989 Worldcon (Boston), which I attended with a bunch of fans of the CBS-TV show "Beauty and the Beast" (the Vincent & Catherine one).

I'll be showing my fantasy road signs in the Art Show, some of which are vaguely furry ("Here There Be Dragons, Next 12 Leagues")

I haven't heard of any organized furry parties, but Dale Farmer is running logistics and welcomes any furfen to hang out in the ops room (Mariott 308), as long as you're willing to help out if something needs doing.

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I would have liked to go myself, but things didn't work out. I wish more fans of anthropomorphics would put together parties or gatherings at existing, larger SF cons, though, so those of us who go to cons for networking reasons can also see friends. :)

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The Tai-Pan Project has been proud to host a furry party at the Northwest Science Fiction Convention every year since 1989.


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