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Worldcon Rate Hike

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For those of you considering attending the annual Worldcon this year, MilPhilCon, note that the membership rates have been raised to $170. Another hike will go into effect May 31st. Hotel information is also now available.

Anyone planning on going to the con? Drop notes in the comments if so!


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I thought I'd be the first to say, 'Yes, I'm planning on going'. Anyone else? :)

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Oh, I'll be there. Somehow, I'm going to do both AC and Worldcon, and blow all my con budget within a month. ;) I kind of got the Worldcon bug after attending last year's Chicon.

I might toss another furry party, this year. I got some good experience in how to host a Worldcon party, last year (i.e. I attended a lot of them. :) )

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Granted, this is WorldCon, a big, big con. But $170, and it'll go up again? Sorry, that's a little more than I'm willing to pay just to get in the door.

One can only imagine what the room rates are.

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Well, consider that you get five full days of programming, in a full-sized downtown Philly convention center, the fandom's premiere awards ceremony (the Hugos), access to pretty much everyone in the industry that is SF, and the chance to do some serious partying during the evenings. ;)

The price range isn't for everyone, and thus the demographics of Worldcon run towards the 30-50 age range, rather than the teens to 30s age range of most furry conventions. It's a different sort of convention for a different group of people. There has been some mild debate in recent years about the spiralling cost of Worldcon attendance, but it's pretty much impossible to find facility space to accomodate the size Worldcons have grown to without paying a premium price.

Oh yeah...the room rates bite. This con apperas to be more expensive than Chicon; I'm pretty sure Chicon's membership rates topped out around $170-$180 (I got mine for $135), and the room rates were a bit less than Philly is offering.

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To do a blatant plug, the spiraling costs of putting on a Worldcon are exactly why ConJose set up an installment plan for folks who'd like to come but can't pay for a full membership in one lump sum.

I can't speak to our room rates at this time, since we're still doing final negotiations on a couple of hotel contracts. We have three out of the five, but won't announce until all five are locked in. (And yes, it's normal to still be negotiating final contracts at this stage.)

As for Worldcon room rates in general, when you're dealing with hotels that have rack rates of up to $400/night, getting the room for $135 is a steal. The rates at many cons are negotiated down from what can be a $200/night rack rate. The hotels give cuts in the rates in exchange for guaranteed minimum occupancy levels, function space rental and/or catering charges.

If you want more info on ConJose, the website's Our membership rate's currently $140, and will go up in July.

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I only -wish- I could go. This year the only conventions I'll attend are Akon and MFM because they are reasonable driving distance. I'm a broke wuffy, paying for the kids, house, and car.

Of course it did come to San Antonio a few years ago. Leave it to me to be in Venezuala that week. It will probably be decades before it returns, too.

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