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Query: Whatever happened to the 'Tales of the Mornmist'?

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Back in 2000, Darrell Benvenuto's new publication company Vision Books announced that it had commissioned a series of Furry novels called Tales of the Mornmist.

The first four, written by authors Paul Kidd, Elaine Cunningham, Jeff Grubb, and Mary Herbert (with contributions by Lynn Abbey, Ed Greenwood, and Robert J. King), had been completed and would be published one at a time.

Paul Kidd's The Rats of Acomar, illustrated by Terrie Smith, was published in October 2000 to unanimously favorable reviews. But then Vision Books disappeared. In 2006 Benvenuto promised in a press release that Vision Books would return and resume its planned publication schedule, but there has been no news since then.

If the other three authors had all completed their novels, what has happened to their unpublished manuscripts? Furry fandom has seemed to forget about them. Today, eleven years after The Rats of Acomar, is anything more known about them?


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Judging by this Artists Beware post, Darrell had a history of promising things that didn't quite turn out.

(In fairness, I own a number of the things that did.)

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Darrell never skipped on any of the assignments Terrie did for him, but he had... unusual marketing ideas that eventually went nowhere. He also had a wee problem with fulfilling orders - Terrie was supposed to get several more boxes of Whisper Of Wings & Rats Of Acomar (she did the illustrations for both books), but after many "Those will be shipped out right away", nothing ever happened, and I found out a couple of years ago that he sold off the lot of his unsold books (in a couple of storage lockers) to a book dealer.

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Wait... I am pretty sure two of the novels are in my wishlist.

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