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Has the financial crisis affected your furry spending?

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Yes, I've cut to the bone
33% (7 votes)
I'm pickier with purchases
24% (5 votes)
I buy what I used to
33% (7 votes)
I'm buying more - furry is a cheap thrill!
10% (2 votes)
Votes: 21


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I'm curious to see what the result of a limited budget has been on fandom spending. Is it something you cut, or something you value even when you've cut cable and the electricity bill is overdue?

If anyone wishes to share specifics, like "I only buy personal commissions, not prints" or "I go for the most expensive/cheapest fursuit builders", that'd be interesting, too. Even more so if you're on the selling side!

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I never spent money on furry anyway. The few times I did was because I'd been commissioned and Paypal can't send money to South Africa.

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I never buy anything. I'm an artist's nightmare--Commission you? No thanks, but I'll be the first in line whenever you're offering free stuff!

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I'd say I have increased spending interfandom. Seeings as I went to AC and got two commisions this year, prior years I hadn't bought anything, but figuring it was 10 years, probably past due to give something back.

That and I actually feel financially secure at the moment, but that is probably because I was so frugal in previous years. I mean, kind of went against Bucktown's advise of "You can live for now, or live for later, and you're not guaranteed later." Which is true, as this week definately has shown, but it is a gamble. The faster you can pay off your debts the more you'll have to spend on yourself (or donate to others) later, you just have to have a lot of patience.

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My entertainment spending is about the same as ever; I've never spent a lot of money within the fandom, but I spend a lot of money on outside the fandom works.

I actually lost a job late last year due to my company no longer existing; it was a newspaper reporter job for a print newspaper, a job that even sounds like it would be the first to go in the crisis. Ironically, it was actually an aggressive buyout from an unfriendly rival; it actually had nothing whatsoever to do with either the economy or the prophesied doom that is coming to the print industry. I've since moved on to a job in, uh, franchise restaurant management, which embarasses the hell out of me, but it's actually more than paying the bills, so whatever.

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Wait, wait, so I just re-read this now . . . crossie is a McManager? [or similar]

Well, you have my respect. We had a McDonalds outside Stardock which I visited on a regular basis. It's not an easy job.

Be careful out there, though. Forget coning, Slinking Ferret ran the local McD, and we lost him as well recently. :-/

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Pizza Hut. We have real ovens, thank you very much.

Well, now you know why I'm grumpy all the time.

I went from "I'm a respected reporter, contributing to my community" to "I'm a Pizza Hut shift leader, contributing to my community's morbid obesity" because a rival publisher had a grudge and friends in high places.

Happened right before Christmas too, the bastard.

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You know what the best part is?

When the editor and publisher of this paper come in for lunch buffet. I don't know which is worse, the editor seeming genuinely sorry and making the whole thing even awkwarder or the publisher not even recognizing me.

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I would think it'd be when you sprinkled bits of Jalapeño into their green pepper pizza.

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Please. I'm a professional.

It's the pizza delivery guys that are really scary; they have control over your food and they know where you live.

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My brother is a McManager, I do not envy him in the slightest...

When that "Americans don't want the farm jobs" things comes up I always think to myself that there's SOME group of people out there that are so sick of dealing with people's crap for minimum wage that going out into a crop would almost be a vacation, no matter how bad the manual labour gets (because in my time working as a McDonald grunt, there is plenty of that to go around there too).

On the other hand, a majority of people who get hired by McDonalds are lazy SOBs (this is coming from the manager's words not my own) so I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the American people being hired to farm work are equally mostly lazy.

Maybe if we made it legal for children to work again, work ethic would be something learned early on when it's more easily absorbed. Just saying, get a you job bum kids.

Kids: "But Soni, there aren't even enough jobs for the grown ups."


Okay you got me there...

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