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Snack Raccoon died in breathplay mishap, reports partner

Edited as of Sun 30 Oct 2011 - 13:58
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UK fur Snack Raccoon (aka. Dark Raccoon), reported to have died earlier this week, was experimenting with erotic asphyxiation at the time, former mate Ollie Pup has revealed:

IT WAS NOT SUICIDE! it was a sexual fantasy and a breathplay experiment that he did while we were out and went horribly wrong and resulted in what happened.

PLEASE if you are into breath control fantasies or have any kind of snuff fantasies or fetishes or whatever, remember what happened to him and think twice about what you do and for the love of Dark please just never try anything like that on your own.

Snack and Ollie co-hosted Furpile Radio, an online radio show which they founded in 2006. Snack also used to hold Super Smash Bros. tournaments at Eurofurence.


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he also owned a murrsuit which he wore in public, his death isn't "omg so sad" because he caused it through his own stupidity

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THIS is why I dont support this kind of erotic foreplay. You can take all kinds of precautions you want, but something (as explained in the Wikipedia article) can and will go wrong. It may sound tempting to try, however it should just remain a mere fantasy and nothing more.

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"can and will" is a contradictory phrase. Can assumes something could possible happen, will means it will always occur. Something cannot be both 100% and less then 100% at the same time.

It's about as dumb as jumping snow mobiles off of snowy slopes, and there's always the possibility of harm in such things, some people just have adrenal addiction like that, they should be free to do those things, but should also understand the risks. Making sure you've got someone close at hand that can help in case the worst does happen is a must.

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Im sure the chances of accidental death would be lower if someone was nearby to help, but like most forms of erotic activity, we dont tend to tell anyone expect a handful of friends about how we get our kicks on. In anycase, its still a fetish I dont embrace trying IRL (among others but thats a different story).

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Just about any activity has some risk, and sexual ones are probably more risky than just sitting around. The difficult question is exactly what is the risk and how much more than anything else we consider acceptable and worth doing, even if just as leisure.

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More people need to watch the infamous 70s movie In the Realm of the Senses as a warning of what happens when erotic asphyxiation goes wrong.

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With fetishes like this, safety is a priority. Who knows if this death could have been avoided if he had a spotter... at the very least the risk would have been lower and care could have been administered sooner.

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Month of October has not been kind to furries, that's 4 that we know of at this point isn't it? Or has it been 5... I'm starting to lose track :(

I'd say who crossed the path of a black cat, but that might be racist and speciest, so I guess I'll wonder instead who broke the mirror and spilled the salt.

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Four, Five? I only see three mentioned on Flayrah, who else has passed away this month?

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Slinking Ferret also passed away on October 1; it was mentioned in a newsbyte last week, and on WikiFur's LJ.

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Is that category on wikifur updated separately? I don't see him, or really any of the furs mentioned in this post, shown on the 2011 Deaths category :/

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Looks like a caching problem; mostly likely it doesn't clear the cache when category changes occur. I need to add that to the cache code. If you were logged in, you would see them.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

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The four I can recall were all mentioned on flayrah, one was simply in the newsbytes though, he worked on Wikifur a few years back. He died October 1st

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You're right, October has not been a good month for furs :(

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As tragic as these deaths may seem, it's easy to forget that these death reports on Flayrah, and Wikifur too, are just only about WELL KNOWN furries; Theres [more then likely] several other furs that have kicked the bucket that we dont know about. This only serves as a grim reminder that Death doesnt discriminate against ANYONE, no matter how fun, cute, likeable, or unhuman like they may think.

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True enough, like the thousands that died on 9/11... who weren't in the planes or in the buildings...

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I actually have plans when I write my will to include various websites that I want my brother to post my death to should I come to an untimely demise. Flayrah will indeed be one of them...

Now I feel all depressed. Oh well, back to college work.

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For over a decade if I were to have died, no one would have known, but now that my sister has an FA account, that's not something I have to worry about anymore.

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On one paw I feel that it's an odd thing to update with one final profile status for those who might barely know you but on the other... I am sure it is an action that will at least be appreciated by people who only know of you online and would not be able to tell the difference between moved on from internet posting and no longer among the living.

There are people I have known casually over the years and it's kind of got a sad twang to it when you suspect they may have died but really don't have the ability to verify it.

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Not sure about Flayrah but anyone can update Wikifur to add a profile / report a death. Sure for some reactions the popularity / renown of a furry might determine how long and how deep the reaction might be but for reporting a death? Only takes one person who knew the person in question to put it out there. I'm more of the mind that a lot of deaths within furry aren't reported because of folks who knew the person either not knowing or caring about putting that information out there on sites such as these. Grieving can come in many forms.

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As for Flayrah, anyone who's logged in can submit a story, or a Newsbyte.

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Sad to see another furry go. My prayers will be with you, Ollie.

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Accidental erotic asphyxiation is what killed s-f/fantasy cartoonist Vaughn Bodé, and actor David Carradine. I suppose that erotic asphyxiation isn't always fatal, but it certainly seems to be fatal a lot of the time.

Fred Patten

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Also Stephen Milligan, a British Conservative politician, who jerked himself to death in 1994, not long after the Conservative Prime Minister at the time, John Major, had called for a return to traditional moral values.

Which is to say, death may always be a tragedy but irony is, at times, blackly hilarious...

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Well... things like that tend to only be in the news when it goes wrong.

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Erotic asphyxiation isn't exactly common, but it isn't exactly uncommon, either. It is often purposely misreported by both media and coroners/police as suicide or "accidental," the second of which wouldn't even be technically lying.

Suicide is itself often purposely misreported, for the same reason; to protect relatives and others close to the deceased from being shunned or ridiculed.

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"Accidental" is the correct manner of death in these circumstances. What else would it be?

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I'm sorry that a fur died and all. But I have to say this erotica is one of the stupidest forms to be done. It involves basically nearly killing yourself just to feel the instant rush of breathlessness.

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I always thought erotic asphyxiation was being smothered, while autoaerotic asphyxiation was smothering one's self?

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If you meant "autoerotic", I felt the "auto" was redundant with "he was experimenting with".

"Autoaerotic asphyxiation " would be . . . I dunno, depressurizing the cabin while on a solo flight?

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Autoaerotic asphyxiation " would be . . . I dunno, depressurizing the cabin while on a solo flight?

Hmmm-mmm, I came at the thought of that! ;-)

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Darn typographical errors.

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Incidentally, I think you would pass out and have a nosebleed before you'd feel much shortness of breath, would you do that.

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The Mile High Club just took your breath away.

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The new party plane :)

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Sounds like that's a "fun little game" I need to stop doing.
I'm not interested in the sexual side of it, not at all, merely of the great feeling when my partner holds me down, holding my neck back. It may not go exactly like the Wikipedia article (trying to block off those carotid arteries), seeing as it's merely putting pressure on the neck, but I'm still feeling worried.

Will have to decide think if a clear "it's going wrong" signal will be good enough or if I should stop completely. At very least until I have decided what to do, no more of this.

I guess I should be glad to have read this before it would happen to me, right? (Even though the main feeling I have now is "dammit, it feels so great and now I have to cut it out...")

P.S. I do have an account here, but I am posting this anonymously out of fear that someone will read this and spread "User X is into that kind of stuff" around. So, sorry for hiding as an anonymous user but I hope you furs will understand and respect that decision.

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Does it really matter at this point if it was suicide or auto-erotic asphyxiation? Dude hanged himself, died, that's unfortunate.

He ain't coming back, his death won't stop others who do this stuff because it's a "high" to them, and that's the third or fourth death in three years in Furry from just that. (or suicide, it's the seventh or eighth in two years).

I'm truly sorry for Ollie's loss, but in my books, when you do something that can kill yourself if you're not careful, and you do it alone... well, that's the risk. Maybe he should have had a spotter.

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Certainly if it were anyone else but a furry, it would make a "Gore News" segment on 2 Sense.

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He ain't coming back, his death won't stop others who do this stuff...

It won't stop most people into such things, but it might make a person or two think twice, and that could potentially save at least one person which is some difference. It being a furry hits closer to home and might be more likely to be noticed by other furs than accounts of such things happening to various, slightly more random people out there.

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What's with all this talk of hanging? I've seen it mentioned all over but I don't remember anyone saying he hanged himself. There are plenty of other ways to restrict air.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I guess that's the easiest solo method to assume which could also quickly get out of hand and kill the person in question. It may also still be fresh in our minds that this is how David Carradine died as well.

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Alas poor Carradine... He mastered the art of kung fu, but was vanquished by the ancient male rite of wan kin.

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I heard he died in the middle of the road licking himself or scracthing fleas. If only he'd been wearing a flea collar he might still be rolling on a dead mouse today.

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