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Furoticon makers give away cards

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Furoticon cardThe Furoticon team is giving away a free pack of cards (NSFW) until December 31, or while supplies last, to those 18 or older in the USA.

Furoticon is an adult furry card game for two or more players in which you "play as a well-renowned Owner [...] dueling against one or more Owners for dominance over your opponents' harems".

Furoticon was first released at Anthrocon 2009. Since then, the game has scheduled events at many furry conventions.

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I am still waiting to see meerkat species to be in that game. But, I am glad to recieve some free cards.

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I would have just used the logo for the picture myself, even though censored the picture itself is still probably the closest thing we've had to porn on here. I mean, sure we'll get more views now but sheesh XD

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That sure is a very adult thumbnail. :| Couldn't you have picked one that didn't have a big ol' dong on it? edit: oh... that's her foot. I guess it's hard to tell in the thumbnail, being in such an... awkward place. :|

Oh well. Free cards, get!

+ Banrai

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The cards are fun to collect but I've yet to play a game outside of one of those tourneys offered at cons :P

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I think they offer webcam tournaments for those with webcams and cards...

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There are also other fun things you can do with webcams.

Unfortunately, they don't give those out for free.

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I still want to play that game, mainly the Triskellion set but it's expensive. And there seems to be no way to avoid herms and other weird things.

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Yes, the occurrence of "herms and other weird things" is a recurring issue with furry product.

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Y'know, given the target audience and the potential lack of a widespread target audience (this isn't Magic: The Gathering!), I'd think they'd actually have more luck with a digital version of this.

Srsly, an Android/iOS app which plays similarly, something with nice enough graphics and a decent amount of accessibility, could pull in loads of deviant furry customers. Or even just loads of deviants in general.

I've seen more and more success with digital card games of late. So I know it's a format that works. They should really get themselves a coder, a UI artist, a 3D modeller, someone to whip together some sounds/music, and look at Unity.

It might be a bit of an investment, but a cross platform thing of the sort might pay off. Especially if they did a free to play model with a very average starter deck, where you could buy better starter decks/booster packs.

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Er, widespread local audience, rather.

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