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2012 Recommended Anthropomorphics List needs your help

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Ursa Major Awards, by Heather Bruton… if you read Chinese.

There has been a recommendation of this one-minute TV commercial from Hong Kong, for the Mannings Plus pharmacy chain. It was first posted on YouTube on January 3; we presume it first appeared on TV this year.

The Recommended Anthropomorphics List tries to give credit to not only the sponsor of recommended TV commercials, but also the advertising agency that produced the commercial and, if possible, the ad agency’s director of the commercial. In this case, all the information is in Cantonese, which we cannot read.

We have asked the recommender and on YouTube, but we do not have a reply yet. Can anyone help? Are there any credits here for who made the commercial?

We do know what it is about. A housecat’s young mistress is sick and he fears that she is dying. Looking in a Chinese medical book, he learns about the legendary snow lotus miracle herb, said to cure any ailment, which only grows in high mountains. After searching throughout the world (taking time out for a tongue-bath), he finds the lotus on a mountaintop, but it has wilted.

Returning dejectedly, he discovers that his neighborhood Mannings Plus pharmacy had it all along. He brings the medicine home to find the girl’s bed empty and thinks she has died, but she has already been cured by the medicine.

“Mannings wants you to be healthy and happy”

By the way, yes, anthropomorphic TV commercials can be recommended in the Dramatic Short Work category.


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The link in the article is the Mandarin version of the commercial, and the uploader comments do not reveal any attribution info.
Here is the Cantonese version:
The only info I was able to dig up was the name of the lyricist, ???.

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??? (Poor [Flying] Dragon) is a group doing covers with changed lyrics, and that video you posted was on their channel.

According to them the vocals of the Cantonese version were done by their main vocalist ??.

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I found this article which names the agency as Metta, the creative lead as ??? (Hsieh Wan-Hsiung / Xie Wanxiong), the director as ??? (Ch'en Min-Ts'ung / Chen Mincong), as well as the performer (“Mimi”), the real cat, and her owner. There is also a group photo of the team behind the advertisement.

(The names are transliterated from their Mandarin pronunciation, I don't know if they prefer Cantonese instead. Found a lot of info in Mandarin actually, albeit written in Traditional Chinese.)

The same website/magazine also published some behind-the-scene pictures.

The agency however, does not list this advertisement in their portfolio (although they did list other ads done for Manning), and none of the listed people appear on their website. Instead the website says their crew do not wish to be recognized, for it's the brands they promote that should be recognized.

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Thank you very much, Kakurady! ??????, according to the Google translation engine. This is exactly the information that we need.

Fred Patten

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