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Furrystyle completes move to Europe after YiffyToys buyout

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Last month, long-standing manufacturer of animal sex toys Furrystyle was about to give up. To the rescue came former exclusive European distributor YiffyToys, who purchased the manufacturing molds, inherited the name, and took on the tasks of not only continuing production but also introducing new models. Now the move is complete (NSFW, large files).

This makes YiffyToys the only European shop to supply the fandom with such toys from overseas, and Furrystyle the only such manufacturer based in Europe. It means lower and more stable prices, as neither intercontinental shipping nor currency fluctuations are factors anymore.

Today the molds, masters and remaining stock arrived in their new home. The shipment also contained a large number of toys to continue selling while production is restarted.

Furrystyle's new website was started soon after the purchase, and has since gained a user forum for feedback and suggestions.


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Was wondering what happened to furrystyle... RIP old friend. Glad they're not totally going to the dogs (even if gotta ship from Europe now); they had a couple exclusive items worth keeping around.

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And that is terrible :|

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I don't know why this comment made me laugh as hard as it did.

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You can't judge a book by it's cover, however the name of a business can be the difference between sink and swim.

If FurryStyle was a dildo selling business I certainly wouldn't know it through their name. YiffyToys, as much as the name squiks some furries with the liberal use of the Y word, is blunt. You can pretty much guess what they sell from the name alone thus you'll get customers quicker by not beating around the bush, because if that's what your customers want they're not going to either.

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Actually, wouldn't beating around the bush be a plus in this business?

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These are silicon toys remember not chia pets.

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So, we've talked before about dialetical differences before, but I'm pretty sure when I guy is talking about a bush in New York and he doesn't mean a plant, he's talking about ... something else.

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Now you're the one missing jokes. :)

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