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Furnal Equinox grows 40%, announces new venue for 2013

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Furnal Equinox fursuitersCanadian convention Furnal Equinox held its third edition on the weekend of March 16–18 in Toronto.

The 2012 convention attracted over 630 attendees over three days, a 40% increase over 2011, and maintained its status as Canada's largest furry convention by attendance.

Though programming started earlier in the day, the convention officially kicked off with Opening Ceremonies on Friday evening. The event began with a short film directed by Olefin and featuring a number of Toronto-area furries, celebrating the convention's theme of "Infurnally Yours".

Saturday's programming included the Fursuit Parade, which showed off 160 fursuits, and the charity auction held on Sunday raised CA$8,000 for the Mississauga Humane Society. Guests of Honour Dark Natasha and Marci McAdam were present in the Dealers Den throughout the convention and offered a number of panels to attendees, including an Art Jam on the Saturday night.

Other highlights of the convention included karaoke sessions, an improv show, and a pizza party held on the Saturday evening for sponsors.

At Closing Ceremonies, the convention committee announced a move to a new venue for 2013: the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Centre. The convention committee presented a video tour of the new convention space. Next year's will take place March 8–10, featuring Guests of Honour RedCoatCat and Rukis. The theme will be "Furries in Uniform".

More information on the 2013 convention is available on Twitter at @furnalequinox and on Furnal Equinox's website.


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