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Ursula Vernon's 'Digger' nominated for Hugo Award

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Digger, by Ursula VernonUrsula Vernon's Digger has been nominated as Best Graphic Story for the 2012 Hugo Awards. [tip: Schreibergasse; Ursula's announcement]

Digger has been collected in a series of six volumes. The first volume was published in July 2005; the story concluded March 2011 at 759 pages.

Digger won the Web Cartoonists' Choice Award for Outstanding Black and White Art in 2005-6, and Outstanding Anthropomorphic Cartoon in 2006, and has been nominated for several other awards, including the 2005 Ursa Major Award.

The Hugo Award will be decided by members of the 2012 World Science Fiction Convention (ChiCon 7). Per the WSFS constitution, sec. 3.3.6, the entire run of Digger is eligible this year.

As the Hugos leave a period to decline nominations, Ursula was notified three weeks prior to the official announcement.

Aside from Digger, Ursula is also a painter (dA) and the writer of several children's books (Nurk; the Dragonsbreath series) and a two-part novel (Black Dogs - review) featuring anthropomorphic animals. Among her lesser-known works are the Biting Pear of Salamanca (later a popular meme) and the poster-beast of the New Jersey Summer Reading Program. She also created the 'one-shot' webcomics Irrational Fears, Little Creature and Little Creature and the Redcap, and illustrated tabletop card game Black Sheep.


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It's worth mentioning Ursula's competition - Fables (vol. 15): Rose Red, Locke & Key (vol. 4): Keys to the Kingdom, Schlock Mercenary: Force Multiplication, and The Unwritten (vol. 4): Leviathan.

And as Egypt Urnash has mentioned about the contenders, "It's complicated, though. Because Fables has been up for the comics Hugo every year since its inception, and has not won - because none can stand against the titan that is the fans of Foglio's Girl Genius ... Let's be real, the only reason anyone besides the Foglios really has a chance this year is because they said 'okay guys three Hugos in a row is enough, we are stepping aside to let someone else take one'. Arguably it is HIGH TIME that Fables - or Schlock Mercenary, which is also a triple-nominee - earned a sleek chrome rocket!"

What's good news is that even if Ursula doesn't win, just being a finalist will bring more attention to her work. And since Sofawolf is the publisher, with the sudden Hugo news they've done a quick re-vamp of their website and are offering Digger on sale.

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They're not the only ones waiting. Taral Wanye was nominated again for Best Fan Artist, taking his total to 11.

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