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Many of us are friends with one another, who are concerned for each other's well being, and I'm sure we're all concerned about those among us might have been affected firsthand by the terrorist attacks earlier today.

If you are a member of the furry community with friends who visit this website, and who lives or works in Manhattan, the Pentagon, or were flying anywhere today, and were in a position that would have placed you at risk for being one of those killed or injured in today's tragedies, please post a reply here to let us know you are still among us. Likewise, if you know of someone in such a position and you have any word to pass along about them (good or bad), please post a reply.



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Thanks for the very sensible thread, Mwalimu.

Bumblebee was on a 9:00 a.m. airplane flight from JFK. Her plane was on the runway when the attack hit the World Trade Center. She's fine -- stuck on Long Island with family overnight, but no worse than inconvenienced.

Floki was fifty miles away.

-- Bard/Floki.

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We had been working on a similar page via irc this afternoon. Furries Safe and Sound

The following furries have either checked as safe, or have notified someone else. Woo-hoo!

Amber Lion

Brokken's relatives


Chilly Mouse


Jimmy Wolf

Rapid T. Rabbit



If anyone has CONFIRMED information to add to that list and wnat Penh to do so, drop him an email at


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helps if I remember the url

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Many of you know Justin Cheetah is a pilot for American Eagle Airlines. He is OK and spent last night (and I would assume part of today) in Chattanooga, TN.

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