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Chuck Jones' 'Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles' out August 28

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For fans of anthropomorphized mice, Jerry Beck has announced on The Cartoon Brew website that Warner Bros. is releasing “Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles”, a complete DVD and Blu-ray set of all Chuck JonesSniffles the Mouse and Hubie and Bertie cartoons, on August 28.

The two-disc, 133-minute set will contain 19 restored complete cartoons and one brand-new featurette, “Of Mice and Pen”. There will be the usual audio commentary by animation historians and animators.

Some of these cartoons have been released for collectors before, but this is fans' first chance to get all of the Sniffles and Hubie & Bertie cartoons together, in the latest state-of-the-art film restoration.

The cartoons include the Sniffles cartoons “Naughty but Mice”, “Little Brother Rat”, “Sniffles and the Bookworm”, “Sniffles Takes a Trip”, “The Egg Collector”, “Bedtime for Sniffles”, “Sniffles Bells the Cat”, “Toy Trouble”, “The Brave Little Bat”, “The Unbearable Bear”, “Lost and Foundling”, and “Hush my Mouse”. The Hubie and Bertie Cartoons include “The Aristo-Cat”, “Trap Happy Porky”, “Roughly Squeaking”, “House Hunting Mice”, “Mouse Wreckers”, “The Hypo-Chondri-Cat”, and “Cheese Chasers”.


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Why no PAL release? :(

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