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Fuzzy novel #5, 'Caveat Fuzzy', finished and coming soon

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I have just been asked to proofread Caveat Fuzzy, Wolfgang Diehr’s sequel to his Fuzzy Ergo Sum (review), the “fourth” novel in the mega-popular Little Fuzzy series.
'Caveat Fuzzy' cover art, by Alan Gutierrez
Update (30 Sep): Fred's review of Caveat Fuzzy is now up.

H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy was first published in January 1962, and was shortlisted for the Hugo Award for best s-f novel of 1962. Piper wrote two sequels, Fuzzy Sapiens and Fuzzies and Other People, although the latter was not published until 1984, twenty years after Piper’s death. In the interim, two more Fuzzy novels had been written by other authors, Fuzzy Bones by William Tuning and Golden Dreams: A Fuzzy Odyssey by Ardath Mayhar; but these contained major contradictions to Piper’s plot and were later declared non-canon. Piper fan Wolfgang Diehr wrote a Fuzzy fan-fiction in the late 2000s, Fuzzy Ergo Sum, and the Piper Estate (John F. Carr) liked it so much that it was declared an authorized sequel and published in 2011 as the fourth novel in the series. (And then there is John Scalzi’s extremely non-canon Fuzzy Nation … )

Now Diehr has completed his Caveat Fuzzy, his conclusion to Fuzzy Ergo Sum and the fifth novel in the series. It should be published by Pequod Press later this year.


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