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Bunnymund is Back! (Trailer: 'Rise of the Guardians')

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Bunnymund is back, in this second trailer for DreamWorks' CGI Rise of the Guardians. Also Jack Frost, who was conspicuously missing from the first trailer. Bunnymund is still the only one who makes this an anthro movie, but, oh, does he look good!

Due in theaters on November 21st. [Thanks again, Cartoon Brew.]


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Easter kangaroo? Best Easter ever.

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Rise of the Guardians came out last Wednesday, and the Cartoon Brew website reports that despite its opening B.O. of $30+ million dollars, it is being written off as a failure.

Fred Patten

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I remember first seeing a trailer here on Flayrah and being excited...but then the advertisements began focusing on the elves and I lost interest. It's like Scrat of Ice Age but there's a million of them.

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Review forthcoming, but quickie for furries on the fence; skip it. Terribly disappointing.

Elves are not the problem; there was a reason they left Jack Frost out of the first trailer. He is a completely uninspiring protagonist.

Seriously, Pixar and DreamWorks seem to have pillaged each other's wastebaskets this year; they produced to movies that seem more like washed out knockoffs of each other than actual movies.

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My God, did this movie need a less generic (and less owl-reminiscent) title than Rise of the Guardians.

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