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Canine/Human Character Featured on Fox's Dark Angel

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SciFi Wire is reporting that the new season of Fox Network's "Dark Angel" will feature Joshua (played by Kevin Durand), an earlier attempt at genetic engineering who has both human and dog DNA.

"He's got a little bit of the canine in his genetic cocktail," Durand said in an interview. "He was basically thrown in the basement at Manticore once they realized that he was not completely human-looking."

Durand added, "So Joshua is basically the first version of what Max [Jessica Alba] is. She's the evolution of me. They made a lot of improvements, and the final results came out looking like Jessica Alba. Joshua, on the other hand, definitely exhibits the canine side. The beast features are subtle, but they're definitely there."

Read the full article here. "Dark Angel" premieres on Friday, September 28. I haven't watched it before, but I have a feeling I might tune in for this.


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Hm. I think ideas like this go around in the air...I just finished a story quite similar to the plot summary for this episode of Dark Angel!

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To follow up on this - we finally got around to watching a tape of this and I don't see us tuning in to watch "Dark Angel". The plotting seems rather obvious, and the dialogue only so-so (granted, not as bad as "Wolf Lake" but that's not saying much). The Joshua character seems to be an idiot savant in makeup very reminiscent of Vincent's in CBS' "Beauty and the Beast." Not the interesting canine character I'd hoped for. Ah well, I guess I'll have to wait until they transmogrify Porthos on "Enterprise" in a transporter accident into a super-intelligent dog/human deus ex machina. Or not.

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