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Short film: 'Time Out' ('Aeg Maha')

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A confession: I have never really understood Estonian veteran animator Priit Pärn’s films. Animation buffs love them, but they leave me scratching my head.

The Cartoon Brew website reports on Pärn’s current rare visit to NYC, where he is showing a retrospective of his animation to sold-out houses. In honor of the event, they have posted Pärn’s complete 9:11 minute 1984 Aeg Maha.

Parn elevates the visual non sequitur into an art form, and the film’s style remains fresh nearly thirty years later.

Um … yeah. You can see for yourself. But it is anthropomorphic. It stars a cat? a raccoon? a lemur? Well, anyhow, it’s anthropomorphic.

Hmmm. 9:11 minutes. And "1984". Is that symbolic of anything?


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