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Sparrow chosen as mascot of 2013 Athletics Championships

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Moscow 2013 World Championships in Athletics MascotIn 2013, Moscow will play host to the 2013 World Championships in Athletics. On Wednesday, organisers unveiled the event's mascot – an anthropomorphic sparrow in a blue T-shirt and running shoes.

The sparrow was amongst more than 200 designs submitted by the public over the Internet. Mikhail Butov, the general secretary of the Russian athletics federation, explained why the sparrow was chosen:

The bird shares a lot of qualities with the athletes: It's quick, light and nimble.


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Sparrows are smalll but can be very very tough little birds

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I have noticed that, around Los Angeles, the most common wild birds are the sparrows and the finches, which are similar in size and coloring; but the sparrows are fearless while the finches are much more timid. (Also, the finches walk while the sparrows hop.)

Fred Patten

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