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Video: 'A dragon is coming!'

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Some have called it "a beast that easily outruns the competition". It's smart, it's cute, it can fry two fish at once, and it's coming this summer – to your phone! [tip: diadexxus; best in HD]

The Snapdragon is an popular mobile system-on-chip designed for the ARM architecture. Many cell phones use one, including U.S. variants of the heavily-hyped Samsung Galaxy S4.

Related video: Even trolls need a break - See also: The 'making of' video


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"A dragon is coming to your phone...


Well technically IN your phone."

Even I can't not see the innuendo there--- that dragon, he just really likes his phones.

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This is awesome. But it's still not my favorite tech video/animation. No, that would be this one (anthropomorphic hard drives and magnetic domains):

Get Perpendicular

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The creators of this video, Framestore, have published a making-of video displaying the various stages of creation.

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