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A shot to warm the heart of every ape

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The Lucknow Zoo, in northern India, has decided to use an old human method of keeping the spirits up and the body warm during winter, by providing shots of brandy to the 35 primates of the zoo each day of the next few months of winter.

The brandy will be mixed with warm water, and dosed out based on the size, age and weight of each primate. The primates have had treats of alchohol before, but not every day. The other zoo animals, however, will have to survive on fat building, heat burning high protein and calorie diets instead of spirits this winter.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Feren expressed some dismay when the current poll (If "Feren" is the question, what is the answer?) provided a large number "liquor" answers. I figured maybe it was because that was what people had on their minds. Now my suspicion is that the Lucknow Zoo gave its primates Internet access, too.

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