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Teaser trailer: 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' (also in Russian)

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At the moment, this story just repeats information already in last year’s “Animated Anthropomorphic Features in 2013” story and its followup comments. But it is time for Mr. Peabody and Sherman, the DreamWorks Animation feature directed by Rob Minkoff, based on the TV feature by Jay Ward, now due for a March 7, 2014 release, to have its own story.

The first theatrical teaser trailer was released on October 25. DreamWorks has also released a Russian trailer that is totally different. Too bad it is only available in Russian. [YouTube's attempt at English translation of the automatic captions is, however, hilarious.]


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DreamWorks Animation's CGI features are reportedly even more enthusiastically popular, and proportionally almost as profitable, in Russia than in America. As a result, DWA is willing to go an extra mile to promote its upcoming works in Russia. The Russian movie industry is scrambling to set up its own CGI animation studios, with mixed but improving results, but little success at getting their movies into the U.S. A Russian CGI production of "The Snow Queen", released last year (Disney's "Frozen" has just come out), is their best so far.

A CGI feature starring anthropomorphized airplanes, recently released directly-to-DVD in America titled “Wings”, looking like a shameless ripoff of Disney’s “Planes” was actually released theatrically in Russia (titled “Ot Vinta 3D”) a full year before “Planes” came out. While the CGI animation is laughably bad in comparison, “Ot Vinta 3D” was wholly produced in Yerevan. Who knew that Armenia even had an animation studio? For a studio’s first effort, it’s not too bad.

Fred Patten

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All I know is that my dad seemed to really like Peabody and Sherman, so I'm really looking forward to this one (he's normally not a fan of anything "geeky," but his fondness for the Sherman character, a love of the VGER twist from the first Star Trek movie and Paul are the notable exceptions).

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Looks interesting. i like the way they designed Mr. Peabody, he looks really good. Never was a fan of the series but I always thought Mr. Peabody was cool, so I'll probs catch it at the theater myself.

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Here is the second trailer, not counting the Russian:

Fred Patten

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Trailer #3? 2 1/2? I've lost count.

Didn't the first episode of Tatsunoko Pro's "Time Bokan" back in the 1970s have the line, "We must keep History from being changed! And to do that, we must go back in time to 1492 and teach Christopher Columbus to break-dance!"?

Fred Patten

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Of course, it shouldn't hurt to link to the movie's official website.

Fred Patten

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Okay, is this #4? An unnumbered clip?

Fred Patten

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Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research site has a preview of his forthcoming "The Art of Mr. Peabody and Sherman" coffee-table art book.

Fred Patten

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