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Furry DJ NeonBunny's "Eat, Sleep, Fursuit, Repeat"

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DJ NeonBunny has entered the world of music production with a song called "Eat, Sleep, Fursuit, Repeat". Inspired by deep house hit "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" [video] by Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr, NeonBunny set out to create an original track about fursuiting. As the founder and resident DJ of Frolic in San Francisco, he wanted to write a song about his favorite scene, and for the fursuiters who love to frequent the dance floor.

In addition to Frolic, NeonBunny is a regular in the San Francisco nightclub and rave scene, where he DJs in his custom-built fursuit (built-in headphones for the win!). The non-furry crowds always love it, although he's getting a little tired of women coming up and asking if they can wear his "hat" or "mask"...

The song was created using Ableton Live, with vocals written and voiced by NeonBunny. As the original, the song was written to sound like a 90's rave classic. The only part of the original song is one loop that NeonBunny read was included in the original as an accident when Fatboy Slim was experimenting with samples from DJ Tocasdisco's recent album, and saved without being labeled. The loop made it into the track, and when it was called out by Tocadisco, Fatboy Slim gave credit to the original artist, apologized, and offered financial compensation. As an homage to the original, NeonBunny went back to the original Tocadisco track and found the same loop and sampled that, including it in his version. Let's see if you can figure out what part of the song that is. And please don't tell Tocadisco – we don't exactly have any financial compensation to offer him!

Feel free to share the song; it was written with fursuiters and the dance floor in mind, so point it out to your favorite furry DJ and ask them to play it at a dance you are fursuiting at. The video was created using footage shot by NeonBunny over the years at Frolic.


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This story sat in the queue for a while - I wasn't sure how to approach it due to its promotional nature. Well, here you go. Also, around this time Smash Greywolf tipped us off to the blood-drenched fursona of singer-songwriter Andrew W.K.

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Andrew WK previously on Flayrah... :)

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Thanks for allowing it through the que! I tried to word it so it didn't sound spammy, but I did want to reach out to as many furs as I could so they could know of its existance! And flayrah is a popular site for sure. I gaurantee I didn't cut and paste the same post onto a dozen sites, so there's lots of little info about what I did that I only wrote about here.

As for Andrew WK, he's talented, but anyone curious about booking him for a con, his bookibg rate is $15-$20k per show, not counting flight, hotel, and production costs. So I don't think we'll see him perform soon, but I'm sure he'd love to see fursuiters show up at one of his shows. He did just play in Chicago, and I'm curious if all tge furries into heavy metal went to the show.


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