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A reminder: Pets and Christmas don't mix

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It's been said many times before, but it's well worth saying again. Do not buy or adopt animals for pets during Christmas. Several shelters are holding off adoptions due to worries of pets given as gifts. Pets are even abandoned BEFORE Christmas, to make way for the new animal presents or to to avoid the difficulties of animal care at this time of year.
And it's not just dogs and cats that can be abandoned by an unprepared owner after Christmas.Ferrets, rabbits,
and other critters are left homeless too after the holidays.
What can you do instead of buying a pet for yourself or a loved one? Why not donate to an animal charity instead?

Micah's Note: I second MelSkunk here. My favorite shelter is Wildlife on Easy Street, a big cat sanctuary. I've been there; they take good care of their animals.



Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

i think the krux of the problem is thinking of other kritters as property - like slavery (which has been at least legaly eliminated in most parts of planet earth) this is just plain wrong (i realize there are a couple of practical exceptions but in general our comensals are simply friends of other species then our own who for one reason or another happen to be living with us - that part of it is cool - but they do have their own feelings and perceptions - whatever those might happen to be - and of course shairing our homes with them is the same kind of responsibility as like merrage - even if our laws don't treat it that way - ... so really companions of other species are cool - if you are willing to learn and understand their specific needs and be responsible about them - which giving them as 'property' as a gift to someone - isn't ... these rescue places are cool as are those breeding programs to restore or atleast maintain populations of creatures that might no longer be able to share our world without them - i could go on about the value and need for this but i guess i've gone on too long already - well have a happpy, healthy, safe and considerate midwinter's eve ... for everyone of every species ... ~;)

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