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Telling Tales with Tails

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From a press release. Anthropomorphic animals are often the material of children's books and Disney movies, but Simba Wiltz, author of the newly released novel MainFrame- Beginnings (Xlibris, $19.54, ISBN: 1-4010-2287-1), had very different intentions in the creation of his characters.

"It seems silly to me," Wiltz said, "that the complexities of these characters are relegated to children. Mature audiences ought to be able to enjoy them as well. Anthropomorphized animals present an incredible opportunity for characterization."

From the related press kit. "MainFrame- Beginnings follows the adventure of a group of anthropomorphic characters on their planet, Pellicia. Their world is in turmoil after a renegade government gains the upper hand in a global conflict. With the established government paralyzed by protocol and a military unable to keep up with fast moving terrorists, MainFrame may be the key in preventing the fall to the dangerous organization.

Of more emphasis is the camaraderie and kinship that grows among team members while facing incredible odds. In struggling for a common goal, the members of MainFrame become closer than they ever expected. Follow their development as they prepare to take on their world in an effort to save it.



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I dunno if I'd buy it. There's not really much on the story, characters or species on the website itself. Looks like a piece of vanity printing, too, which doesn't say much for editorial quality. And 'Simba'? I guess it's an example of 'for furry, by a furry.'

Maybe if the website was more informative? (and better looking)

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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If its Simba (originality at its finest) Wiltz, expect it to be exactly that, a vanity or pompous printing.

Also expect it to be another book where the thesaurus did more work than the author.

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I happen to have known him before he wrote that, and Simba is his real name. Why are you judging a book by the author's name? And as for originality, how many people do you know named Simba?

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Simba isn't his real name. His real name is Kevin.

He made Simba up, much like most of his fake little history.

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Sounds ambitious, but I'd have to read it to tell whether or not it's good. Anyone review this thing yet?

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