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Man eating hyaenas terrorizing Malawi

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Residents in rural areas of Malawi are terrified as hyaena attacks have been attributed in the deaths of half a dozen people since Christmas. This almost unheard of situation has been attributed to overcrowding of habitat, lack of food, even witchcraft. The government doesn't know what's driving the animals to kill and eat people, but plans to send rangers to hunt them down.


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I must say, it was only a matter of time. People push animals to the very brink of habitat destruction and then wonder why they attack. The poor beasts have lost so much habitat and prey, they have to go SOMEWHERE and eat SOMETHING.

And this is coming from a girl who cannot stand hyenas.

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Alright. What man is eating hyenas?

I would certainly be terrified of someone who eats hyenas. Eeeeeew!

(Not to make light of it, but couldn't resist.)

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