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Newest Star Fox game gains trailer and subtitle: "Zero"

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After Nintendo vaguely announced a new Star Fox Wii U game last year, they have finally released a trailer and full name at this year's E3. The newest game will be called Star Fox: Zero.

Apparently, it's yet another remake of the original Star Fox, with some elements of later versions. For those keeping track at home, Star Fox now has the same amount of remakes as it does sequels.


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And there went any desire to buy a Wii U; Krystal will have to kick the ever-loving crap out of the SSB poll to even have a chance now that she's a character with, apparently, "no future". The last Zelda was a really dumb prequel, and Star Fox has been rebooted more times than its continued; is a sequel really that hard, Nintendo?

So, Zero was a surprisingly appropriate choice; it nails my level of interest.

(Uh, any thing else furry at E3 I should know about? This was about all I was following, furry wise, so feel free to remind me of anything.)

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Reading the article I think you're exaggerating the statements made.

What was said was:

“It’s definitely not a prequel,” Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto told me after I played the game earlier this week. “In some ways I think more of it as being a remake of the first one or we’re starting from ‘1’ again, but obviously with that as a base trying to think, ‘now with these two different screens and new play system and different vehicles, what are the new things we can add to that?’”

What you think it mean: "This is a remake and we're starting from 1 again"

What it actually probably means: "We wanted to call it Star Fox, but it's a new game so we needed a subtitle."

Think of it like how Movie Franchises "Reboot" the franchise. I think Nintendo wanted to do this with Star Fox, but gamers don't lend themselves to reboot titles to well because they'll call it something distinctive anyway.

Examples of this are XBox One being called "XBone" and Sonic the Hedgehog being called "Sonic '06"

If Nintendo called it "Star Fox" gamers would just call it "Star Fox Wii U" or something.

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You should hear me bitch about "Casino Royale" some time.

I hate reboots.

When I called it a remake, I was being nice.

I'll admit, it's basically a tech demo (which is par for the course for this series) with nostalgia weaponized to try and get people to play it, and I'm just more nostalgic for "Adventures" then anything else.

Also I'm really confused as to why you're trying to explain the title to me. The fox tail Kanji thing is actually kinda cute.

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There are certain times when reboots are necessary ("The Hulk") I do think they're overdone though.

Unfortunately waiting for a new "Adventures" is like waiting for a new Mario 2 (US). "Adventures" didn't even start as a Star Fox game. Miyamoto just added the franchise to it because he liked what he saw of the dinosaur planet adventure game and wanted to insert his franchise upon it. Sort of like Mario incorporated Doki Doki panic to create a unique game in the franchise.

This aside the face that the internet, for reasons I shake my head at, pan "Star Fox Adventures" because... well it isn't 'really' a Star Fox game.

Well yeah, if you go in knowing that it isn't a terrible game by any stretch. A bit disjointed at times, but not bad. I mean, I actually finished the thing.

*Spoiler alert for a 13 year old game?*

My biggest peeve was that you never got to fight Scales, and just when you were about to throw down the fight is interrupted by a boss you've fought so many times before. It was one of the biggest lost opportunity moments in gaming, and annoyed me to no end.

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Oh, I don't want "Adventures 2". I want "Star Fox with Krystal".

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I liked the dealer's waistcoat in Casino Royale - it was snazzy.

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Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the Star Fox Zero trailer is all about ships and explosions and shows virtually (haw haw) nothing of the characters?

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The models look to have fairly low polygon counts, so maybe they avoided focusing on shots which would show them up. It's less of an issue for ships which are meant to look angular. Plus this is probably what you'll be spending most of your time looking at, so in that sense it's a good trailer.

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Here's a suggestion, how about a game where you create a customizable character and follow your character through training and missions which sometimes coincide with the main Star Fox team... sort of an X-Wing Academy type game. They could take greater risks with the storyline if it's not directly involving the main cast, maybe you play a key but unseen role in some past missions (if they have the game storyline take place maybe over years, could play a little bit with parts like Fox disappearing for awhile in SF Adventures - I mean somebody still has to keep the peace while the main cast is away), it could add depth to the SF Verse and breath a little more life into the series.

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YES! Oh my god, that would RULE! Make it an MMO or have online multiplayer and Nintendo won't have the production capacity to keep the Wii U in stock anymore :P

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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