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'Star Fox Zero' has a release date

Edited as of Thu 12 Nov 2015 - 22:01
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Star Fox ZeroThe latest remake in the Star Fox series of Nintendo games, Star Fox Zero, has a release date. The Wii U game will come out this year as promised, on November 20.

Also on the same day, an Amiibo figure of Star Fox character Falco Lombardi will be released; Star Fox Zero's newly revealed final box art does promise Amiibo connectivity, but it has not yet been revealed exactly how. Falco will be the second Star Fox character to gain an Amiibo figure, after series protagonist Fox McCloud, as well as the final character to gain an Amiibo this year.

Star Fox Zero is meant to be a showcase of the Wii U's signature gimmick, the GamePad, a controller featuring a separate screen. The Star Fox series has frequently been cast as a Star Guinea Pig, the original game being a showcase for the Super FX graphics chip while the remake Star Fox 64 introduced the Rumble Pak and the now standard idea of force feedback controllers.

Update (9/18): And now Star Fox: Zero doesn't have a release date; the game has been delayed until spring 2016.
Update (11/12): And now Star Fox: Zero has a release date again; the game will be released April 22, 2016.

Storywise, this will be a retelling of Star Fox 64 (itself a remake/reboot of the original game), with probable additions of levels to accommodate new modes. Seeing as how the original two games, as well as the latest non-remake game in the series, Star Fox Command, featured branching story lines with multiple endings (and story rarely being a high priority in the games), worries about "canon" shouldn't really be an issue. A bit more worrisome are the chance furry favorite characters like Krystal (introduced in Star Fox Adventures) and Panther Caroso (introduced in Star Fox: Assault) may not have a future with the series. Both characters were featured in Super Smash Bros.: Brawl's Star Fox themed level Easter egg, but not the more recent Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's.


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I do like the box art, though.

They're all puppets again.

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November 20th 2015 is actually surprising for me. I mean it feels like the progress of the game was very short. Does anyone know how long they were working on Star Fox Zero?

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It's been over a year; it was first announced at the 2014 E3 event, and almost certainly was being worked on before then. It's actually very similar to Star Fox Command, which was announced 2005 and released 2006 even quicker; it was an August release, actually. Going the other direction, you have Star Fox Adventures, which had a long, drawn-out development, even by the standards of Rare's often long, drawn-out development cycle.

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I would adore a new Star Fox game rather than a remake but ah well.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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I was excited. I was interested in getting a WiiU for this. It's the /third remake of Starfox 1/.

Glad to know I dodge the bullet there -- I bought a Wii expecting a new Starfox for /it./ Once bitten; this is just a disappointment instead of an actual problem.

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I kind of had a similar story; however, it was lack of Krystal in SSB and this game that had me saying, uh, I guess not (or at least not until its, like, really cheap).

I mean, landmarks on the road to maturity wise, it feels like a step forward (I didn't plunk down hundreds of dollars right out the gate because I just had to, like with the Wii), two steps back (but if I'm honest it's only because of a lack of blue furry vixens).

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I don't know the Wii U's library is starting to look a bit robust. I'd like a Mario Maker kind of thingy. Depending on how this is reviewed and such.

The problem is that my video games have fallen out of my life a bit as my real life has become increasingly more interesting then the virtual.

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Setting aside furry obsessions (that I totally would plunk down cash money for right now), that's where I'm at; I still want a Wii U, eventually. Eventually there will be enough games on the "worth trying out" side of the equation; I'm not at the point where one title will do it anymore. Let it grow the library, and let the base price go down, which also ups the chances that I can save even more on a used console and used games.

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Looks like we'll have to wait a little bit longer; Release date for Star Fox Zero has been pushed to Spring 2016:

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Called it.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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What ever shall I do until then?

Fine I'll make my own Star Fox game with Mario Maker. It stars Peppy Hare dealing with a strange invading alien race calling themselves "Koopas" as it takes over a main Corneria Station.

He must recover crates (or 'barrels'???) of military equipment from the facility, but how will he do it? Will he make his way though the heart of the station? Or perhaps risk the underbelly which are on periously high platforms?

The choice is yours as you play Peppy on his quest: 452D-0000-004D-179E

Let's roll!

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So now that it has been revealed that there will be a "space time warp" mechanic in this trailer:

I'm thinking that Krystal just may make a cameo in this game after all, what say you crossie?

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I'd bet nope.

Like I said, thank God for Pokkén Tournament taking care of all my Nintendo/vixen/magical stick needs.

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