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'Star Fox: Zero': Shiny new controls, same old story

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starfoxzero.jpgIt's time to return to the Lylat System and step into the Arwing cockpit as the latest Star Fox game, Star Fox: Zero comes out for the Wii U system. After a decade absence from the Nintendo console game lineup, will this reboot of the franchise give new hope to the fans, or will disappointment strike it back? Here are my thoughts on the latest adventure of the space faring mercenaries.

Review: 'Pokkén Tournament' for the Wii U

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pokkentournament.pngThe Pokémon franchise has been around for a long time. After two decades of tackling many genres, the concept of Pokémon battling arrives, for the first time, in one to which it seems particularly well-suited: the fighter.

Pokkén Tournament allows you to take full control of 16 different Pokémon in live action combat against your opponent. The game was developed by those experienced in the development of fighter games, and are known for the creation of Tekken. But even with this expertise behind the scenes, can the game rise to the challenge and leave a mark within the niche fighter market?

'Star Fox Zero' has a release date ... again

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Back in August, Nintendo announced that Star Fox Zero would be coming to its Wii U console Friday after next. Then the game got delayed, so don't line up at your nearest game store next Thursday; you'll have to wait until April 22 of next year. In the meantime, enjoy this new trailer.

The announcement didn't note why the game had been delayed, though it has long been a Nintendo policy that "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

'Star Fox Zero' has a release date

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Star Fox ZeroThe latest remake in the Star Fox series of Nintendo games, Star Fox Zero, has a release date. The Wii U game will come out this year as promised, on November 20.

Also on the same day, an Amiibo figure of Star Fox character Falco Lombardi will be released; Star Fox Zero's newly revealed final box art does promise Amiibo connectivity, but it has not yet been revealed exactly how. Falco will be the second Star Fox character to gain an Amiibo figure, after series protagonist Fox McCloud, as well as the final character to gain an Amiibo this year.

Star Fox Zero is meant to be a showcase of the Wii U's signature gimmick, the GamePad, a controller featuring a separate screen. The Star Fox series has frequently been cast as a Star Guinea Pig, the original game being a showcase for the Super FX graphics chip while the remake Star Fox 64 introduced the Rumble Pak and the now standard idea of force feedback controllers.

Update (9/18): And now Star Fox: Zero doesn't have a release date; the game has been delayed until spring 2016.
Update (11/12): And now Star Fox: Zero has a release date again; the game will be released April 22, 2016.

Newest Star Fox game gains trailer and subtitle: "Zero"

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After Nintendo vaguely announced a new Star Fox Wii U game last year, they have finally released a trailer and full name at this year's E3. The newest game will be called Star Fox: Zero.

Apparently, it's yet another remake of the original Star Fox, with some elements of later versions. For those keeping track at home, Star Fox now has the same amount of remakes as it does sequels.

'Star Fox' will return

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Star Fox Wii U A whopping eight years and an entire console generation since the last original Star Fox game, Star Fox Command (not counting Star Fox 64 3D, a remake of a remake), Nintendo has finally decided to dust off the space-faring furry franchise and give it a brand new game for the Wii U slated for sometime next year.

The game, which doesn't even have an official subtitle yet, was announced at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), though Time magazine (not usually a magazine noted for its video game news scoops) leaked its existence a tad early. Not many details are available at the moment, but the game is being worked on by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto (a.k.a. the guy who had a hand in the creation of almost every Nintendo character you loved as a child).

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Opinion: What 'Star Fox' needs to survive

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Never Get Out Of The ArwingI may be the only one in the world to say this, but I hope the next Star Foxassuming there is one – has less flying.

Let me explain.

'Star Fox' and 'Zelda': a future of uncertainty?

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This year's E3 presentation was one that many will not forget, as it contained the unveiling of the new "Wii U" video game console. It also had a rather interesting Question and Answer session where series creator Shigeru Miyamoto warned developers (hopefully jokingly) that if Star Fox 64 3D (home) and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (home) were not the best video games in their respective series, both series would be cancelled — permanently.

Certainly, such a severe warning would be meant to push the developers to make the best games they can. However, gaming website IGN interviewed Katsuya Eguchi, a Nintendo software producer and director, who revealed that Nintendo may already be considering a new Star Fox game for the Wii U, to make up for the flying fox's no-show on the Wii.

Only time will tell if Fox McCloud and his friends return in a game of their own.

What furry character would you most like to see in a new Super Smash Bros. game?

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Tom Nook
7% (4 votes)
Dixie Kong
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Bowser Jr.
2% (1 vote)
Midna (with Wolf Link)
27% (15 votes)
Muddy Mole
0% (0 votes)
5% (3 votes)
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Other (add in comments!)
4% (2 votes)
What is this Super Smash Bros., again?
15% (8 votes)
Votes: 55

Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros. 4

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Surprising no one, Nintendo announced at this year’s E3 that it will release a new Super Smash Bros. for its forthcoming Wii U console. The fighting series includes furry Nintendo characters such as Fox McCloud and Lucario, plus guest character Sonic the Hedgehog.

Series creator Masahiro Sakurai has not ruled out the possibility of a release on the 3DS, which would be the first installment of the series on a handheld video game system.

The game or games, though definitely coming to at least the Wii U, are not yet in production. Sakurai’s studio, Sora, is currently working on the 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising, and may defer Super Smash Bros. until its completion, giving furry gamers plenty of time to petition for inclusion of their favorite characters.