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I have been threatening this for some time, and I finally did it. is now running on PostNuke version .0.7. This is a fork of the previous software package we have been using, and there is quite a bit of difference, though a lot of it is not immediately obvious. You'll probably notice the slightly different look, and that the story editors are no longer attributed in story postings--we're still here, and all the stories submitted still have to go through us before they make it to the front page.

There are still quite a few rough edges left to be polished, but as I won't be able to work on them until Monday night, I felt it was important to get this out the door for some user testing. The site will be in flux for probably the next week. Please post any problems you find in the comments section. I'll have a couple more things to point out on Monday!


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Maybe it's just the settings on my monitor, but the text is small and hard to read, whereas before the upgrade the whole site seemed much larger [sometimes I had a scroll bar across the bottom]. If you could find a happy medium between the resolution was set at before and what it's set at now, I'd be happier.

Other than that, Flayrah doesn't look too terribly different than it looked before.

*snugs Aureth*

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On second thought... rather than changing the resolution, which will screw with the entire site design, purrhaps just change the font size? Up just one or two notches should fix the problem methinks.

*snugs Aureth again*

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I would have to agree with Wolf_Sister on this. It looks and works fine, but I'm running Opera TP2 for Linux on a 19 inch screen, and the print is kinda tiny.

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I sort of liked the smaller font size. :)

I've boosted the size by a couple of points. This should be better.

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Thanks, Aureth, that's much better!

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I can see why most people complain about the font size. I must be a total freak, though, because personally I like small font sizes -- it lets me get more information on the screen in the same amount of space.

Oh well.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I can't seem to view any comments below the first level. I can select an article and see all of the first-level comments that have been posted, but if there are any second-level or deeper comments and I try to select them, I get a screen with the header only - the bottom three-fourths is blank.

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Can't seem to login for some reason. Said there was a bad cookie. And there's no way for me to retrieve it (short of emailing Aureth directly)

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The system has vastly changed the way it handles user logins, and user permissions.

Delete any cookie (usually can be done somewhere in the preferences menu...for IE it's Edit::Preferences::Receiving Files::Cookies) you see from, and reload the site. May have to quit and restart your browser.

Also, I'm afraid I can make no guarantees about this site now working on any browser that is not at least somewhat clueful about stylesheets. I'm afraid this doesn't include Netscape 4.X.

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Trying to navigate around the site in Netscape kept crashing my system "Netscape has performed an illegal operation." Somebody needs some lashes with a wet noodle for forcing me to fire up Explorer.

Tried to logon using my user account. "Incorrect login. Please try again."

Tried to get to the Admin login and login with my editor account. "You do not have administration priveleges." Please note that it told me this BEFORE letting me type in my user name and password.

Just of giggles, went to regular login and tried entering my editor account name and password. "Incorrect login. Please try again."

Oh, and I agree with Jen. Font size is just a touch too small for my tastes.

--Gene Breshears

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Try logging in as a "regular user" and see if it comes up with admin priveleges.

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Ow! Those wet noodles smart.

See my previous comment about Netscape compatibility...PostNuke themes make extensive use of stylesheets. Netscape 4.x will pretty much harf on this.

I'll reset your login.

Font size....I upped it a couple of points on Sunday...I could experiment with another small increase, but I sort of like the current size.

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I agree that the font ssize is still too small; especially for black text on gray ackground.

Richard Reid
Captain; Webship Corwinda

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Oops - guess I didn't read your comment carefully enough. Mea culpa.

(Aureth: I can't seem to find a button to edit my own comments.)

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