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Review: 'Mindline' ('The Dreamhealers', volume 2) by M.C.A. Hogarth (by Greyflank)

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Mindline by M.C.A. HogarthThe second half of the Dreamhealers duology. The first half of which made me cry no less than three times and I reviewed here in mid October 2015.

There is significantly less crying in this book. While the plot is more dramatic and further reaching than Mindtouch, and the highs even higher the lows are less sublime. The character's discovery of an unfolding relationship and domesticity were such a touching part of the first half that I raved about it for days. This book is lacking that, but it is just as well. I doubt anyone could have duplicated it in another work, even a sequel.

The wisdom we overlook when we fly past a sign at 100 mph, and then have to walk back and pick it up is a valuable lesson. We all have those moments/milestones. Jahir has at least two of them. As does Vasi, although his is more like the opposite and he has to race away at 100 mph to put his wisdom to use.

See also: Review by Fred.

Tampa, FL, Studio MCAH, January 2014, trade paperback $15.99 ([1 +] 341 [+ 7] pgs.), Kindle $5.99.

I really would have liked to have seen Jahir disappoint a friend. Certainly, there were people he couldn't save, outrageous requests that he couldn't agree to, and love that he could not return. But in every case, people seemed to shield him quickly, taking the sting out of it. Of course, in a few cases, he stepped "heroically" past those shields.

I was disappointed only on the crudest levels about the sex (I mean they're young, it could still happen; if not ... well, that's what fan fiction is for). The story was very satisfying, with just a little "patness" to keep it from five stars.

If M.C.A. Hogarth were to take requests, I would like to see Vasi convinced, maybe by his sister, to make babies. Because he does have a stable, loving partner and ... oh, my God, these characters are conspiring to have me write fanfiction!


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I won't be writing Pelted fanfiction, of course.

I am large grey draft horse. Currently, I am attempting to raise funds due to a death in my family.

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