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Shakira previews "Try Everything" from 'Zootopia'

Edited as of Tue 5 Jan 2016 - 20:25
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Pop star Shakira has put up a 30 second preview of "Try Everything," a song she is singing in character as Gazelle, a, well, gazelle pop star from the furry world of Zootopia (or Zootropolis to our non-American friends), Disney's forthcoming animated feature due March 4.


An ongoing New Years celebration (which of course is called "Zoo Year's Eve") will culminate with a new trailer (which is referred to as a "gnu" trailer, obviously) being released soon. The last trailer wasn't received particularly well by furries at first, but was met with near universal approval from non-furries when played in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Update 1/5/16: Sorry, folks, preview's over. Have a placeholder image for now.


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[comment removed on request]

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Oh no...just as I expected. Shakira made her "Try Everything" song a 90 (maybe around 100) bpm self esteem anthem bore. And from Shakira! The queen of rough vocals with a latin twang has been numbed into a Columbian Rachel Platten.
Shakira can do slow songs well, but this film wanted an anthem. Sampled vocals wasn't the way to do it. In fact, she has a song called Animal City which is one of my favorite songs of hers. But that song is a bit too rough for a family friendly film. XP
I would've at least have wanted them to take advantage of her but it doesn't look like they did at all. Like not giving Rihanna any Caribbean tunes on Home.
And really? Godfather jokes in 2015? And this is why I have my doubts. XP

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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