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Video Review: 'The Furry Future', edited by Fred Patten

Edited by crossaffliction
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Isiah reviews The Furry Future.

See also: Review by dronon.


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Thanks for your thoughts on my story, I was quite pleasantly surprised you thought so well of it.

I'm guessing a factor in the account of your praise was that it was kind of against the grain of the others explaining the origin stories of how anthro creatures came to be. And it was slightly purposeful on my part to make it "zipper-backish".

The intent was to present a future, define it as a future, but have it be a "Furry Future" that was different than any other that I could surmise would be submitted. I knew a lot of authors would go into the detail route as the original call post sort of leaned towards the "origin of anthropomorphism animal" stories.

It did not, ironically, ask for the theme to deal with persecution. I was quite surprised to hear so many of the stories contained that. Phil Guez also bemoaned the unintended theme in his own review on DogPatch press. I suspect his favorite story pick (which I have yet to read) is the one that had to deal with persecution the least, so was fresh air to him. Such as the 'soft furry' story I wrote was probably a good break from the 'hard furry' for yourself. Two terms which I am coining right now in emulation of the sci-fi genre's "Hard Sci-fi" and "Soft Sci-fi".

Interestingly I think the persecution theme has been being pressed a bit more in fiction as I think we perceive it to be popular topics of discussion in modern culture. I mean, it's gotten bad enough in the fantasy/sci-fi genres that it lead to the birth of the sad puppies, of which some went a bit rabbid. - is a link to the original call for submission for The Furry Future for reference.

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As I say in the anthology, I had to write my own humorous story to get away from all the seriousness, which was mostly persecution.

Fred Patten

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I did not know Uncle Kage is not just an entertainer, but can actually create stuff.

And I will be ignoring the summaries. I shall make a guess and say Fred REALLY LIKES TO WRITE, even when no writing is needed.

Well, I'll be...

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He also has a contribution in this anthology! Flights of Fantasy.

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Uncle Kage is an excellent author, when he takes the time to write fiction. He usually has so much else going on that he doesn't have time for it.

Fred Patten

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