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Wacky World of Erotic Cartoons closed after fifteenth year

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WWOEC logo Erotic art site Wacky World of Erotic Cartoons has closed its doors, reportedly due to hosting costs. The imminent closure of the site was announced on its forums; both were taken offline just hours later, although a deadline of a week had been provided.

The WWoEC and its forums featured erotic depictions of American cartoon characters. It opened at the turn of the century, running as a partially paywalled site in its early years. Paid content later moved to LustToons (NSFW), which supported the WWoEC and its forums.

Palcomix and The Jab Archives have been proposed as alternative hosts for the site's artists.

According to Palcomix staff member BBMBBF:

[…] the site is not much relevant nowdays but back in the day was a very important place […] WWOEC was THE place for rule34 artwork before rule34 existed.

The WWoEC and its forums contained 225GB of content in 2010 and 250GB in 2012. Artists were hosted on Coppermine-based gallery software. The site faced fees for exceeding data transfer limits set by its managed hosting provider in 2013, and donations were regularly solicited.


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Well, since erotica can be posted on many many places now, I guess there is no longer a need for this website.

And that drawing is really good.

Well, I'll be...

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"the site is not much relevant nowdays" That's bull! wwoec was the last site to allow loli and t-con or whatever weird shit you like, where are we going now? to the sad panda?

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To Hell.

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We're furries, Equivamp.


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I like how this is currently the month's best comment (on the front page), with the summary "We're furries".

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Much of WWOEC consists of human or essentially human characters in sexual situations, which Inkbunny doesn't host.

That said, many members of the site are also active on Inkbunny.

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Green Reaper; went from editor to "guy who mainly does stories about weird porn sites closing". Barely even exaggerating.

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I have a story about a weird porn site opening in my tab backlog if that would help… Edit: Whoops, it was closed by FA/IMVU.
Actually, the sad thing is the last three stories were all tagged 'closure'.

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Must be where Tony's cummies went.

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Hanging out on 4chan made me learn the meaning of that word.

Funny joke.

Well, I'll be...

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the important thing was the database, some stuff saved there is lost forever

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I didn't even know it was still open myself. I saw it a few times back in the dialup days.

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Me either. Also didn't know they'd even DROPPED the paywall. I think that might just about date me.

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Don't worry, boring troll spamming up the comments sections.

Noone will ever date you!

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If you uncross your eyes, there's a date right next to them. :)

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All of their responses are a bit too coherent and on topic to be an actual troll.

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What about 1900 x 1.5? Because I couldn't stop laughing when reporting on 9/11 :^]

Well, I guess I can grant that's mostly coherent ...

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Don't think I had ever heard of this website, maybe I need to turn in my furry membership card ^.^;;;

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I knew there was a reason I went through and methodically downloaded each artist's work I liked
oh well...everyone, to the imageboards

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