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Trailer: 'Monster Trucks' – and more

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Monster Trucks. Do the trucks become anthropomorphic, or do the trucks become inhabited by anthropomorphic monsters? It’s hard to tell from this first trailer; but the movie, coming on January 13, 2017, does look like something that anthro fans will enjoy.

All of the information is in this Cartoon Brew article, so just read it there.

If there is a difference between anthro fans and furry fans, this movie may make it clearer. The monsters in Monster Trucks aren’t furry at all.

The movie industry seems to distinguish between Computer Graphic Imagery [or Computer-Generated Imagery] and Visual Effects (VFX). Should we? Movies like the recent Disney remake of The Jungle Book are considered “live action” even though everything in them except the human actors (only one, in that case) is CGI. Or VFX.

There is another Cartoon Brew article on how The Jungle Book was made that makes it look like Disney just subcontracted it to a VFX company called MPC – for Moving Picture Company – that has ten production studios around the world, in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Ciudad México, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Shanghai. It turns out that MPC has done the VFX for most or all of Disney’s “live action” fantasy movies, Marvel’s including Guardians of the Galaxy … well, just look at MPC’s show reel.


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Looks like E.T. for 20 something's.

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The squishy little octopus thing is cute and I like it, but this looks like it will be a really bad movie.

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My first impression watching the trailer is WTF was that?

With self-driving cars now starting to appear on the streets in some areas and likely to become more common in the coming years, how long do you think it will be before someone produces a film about self-driving vehicles acting on their own to terrorize a community? I am reminded of a really bad movie from the 1970s entitled "Killdozer".

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Mwalimu, I agree with you about the movie of “Killdozer", but the original “Killdozer” novelette by Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Science Fiction, November 1944) is superb and often reprinted; one of my favorites. I’ve considered including it in one of my reprint anthologies as an story of an evil anthro bulldozer, but the story specifies that it’s a machine possessed by an alien intelligence, not alive itself. But I do recommend the story highly.

There is also "Sally" by Isaac Asimov in "Fantastic", May-June 1953, about sentient killer cars -- one of Asimov's few stories about AI robots without positronic brains.

This also reminds me of Phil Geusz’s 1997-1998 novel “Transmutation NOW!”, in which an actor has himself medically transformed into a white rabbit to play the White Rabbit in an “Alice in Wonderland” movie. That might have been necessary in 1997, but now? Tim Burton made his 2010 “Alice in Wonderland” with an excellent CGI White Rabbit. Geusz’s novel is still great reading, but completely outdated now.

Fred Patten

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Perhaps in the future life will imitate art instead, with dedicated fans inspired by CGI characters to transform themselves into the objects of their obsession.

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You mean the general fans of CGI movies transforming themselves into those characters, rather than just the furry fans of CGI animal characters transforming themselves into those furry characters? Interesting.

There have already been several s-f stories about people of the far future casually transforming themselves into anything physically possible.

Fred Patten

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Well, I was thinking furry characters, since you mentioned the White Rabbit… and personally I think if they're a fan of a furry character in a film, there's a good chance that they're a furry fan, though they might not know it yet. But sure, more generally. Why not? Plenty of people would be Vulcans, Klingons and Hobbits if they could be.

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It's an original movie.

Aaaand the trailer gives away the whole plot.

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