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The Baltimore Oriole cartoon

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Get Ready For The Fun Bird. Baseball's Baltimore Orioles will be adding a cartoon logo to their uniform and jacket sleeves for the 2002 season, the club announced yesterday. The character, called the "Fun Bird," was created in 1997 for the Orioles' "Dugout Club" kids program. Fun Bird was designed by Ken Mitchroney, an animation artist who has many TV credits and was a story artist on TOY STORY II and MONSTERS INC. So to all you out-of-work animators, here's a new potentially lucrative line of work: sports team cartoon characters. Think of all the possibilities - MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and all those minor league teams too...



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Ken Mitchroney also has done a fair amount of publicity artwork for Stomper, the Oakland A's mascot.

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Ken Mitchroney was also the co-writer and artist of the late-80s funny-animal comic 'Space Ark', the artist for the Ren & Stimpy comic for a while, and guest of honor at the first Further Confusion, so he has quite a few connections to furry fandom. More information can be found at (including information that 'Space Ark' is in development as a TV series! Yay!)

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