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Megaplex Gaming announces March 1 deadline for gaming submissions

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The gaming department of Pawpet Megaplex has announced the deadline of March 1st. Pre-register by March 1st and agree to run 10 hours of gaming to get free admission to the con!

From Gene: Click "Read more..." for the rest of the announcement.

If you miss the March 1st deadline, but at the con you run 15 hours or more of pick up games with a least 3 players in those games your admission will be refunded (See rules for details).

We are looking for almost any kind of game also. Imaginiff, Card games, Role-playing games, Miniatures, board games and anything else that will bring the crowds in is welcome! But contact us as soon as you can.


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Not that I was planning on going in any case, but it seems to me that 10 hours is a bit much to expect, much less 15 hours at-the-door -- like the con is worth so much? At 15 hours, assuming one spent all three days there, they'd be locked in the gaming room for 5 hours a day. What fun!

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I don't game at cons so I can't say much about how it would be to spend that amount of time in one place, but I can say that many conventions use 10 hours of volunteer service (gophering) as the minimum for refund/rollover of membership.

15 hours seems a bit excessive, but if they can find some really dedicated folks, more power to them.

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Most volunteer work is fairly straightforward, pick this up, hold that, take that somewhere. When you ask someone to run a game, you're asking them to come up with a scenario and run it for about four to eight players, plus bring along a game board/map and any miniatures or other equipment they might use. It's sort of skilled labor versus unskilled.

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