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2016 Cóyotl Awards winners announced

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Coyotl.jpgThe 2016 Cóyotl Awards have been announced at the Furlandia convention in Portland. The Cóyotl Awards, for the best anthropomorphic fiction of the past calendar year, are presented by the Furry Writers' Guild, and are voted upon by the 150+ members of the FWG.

Below are listed the winners and nominees of the 2016 Cóyotl Awards.

Best Novel


The Digital Coyote by Kris Schnee


Black Angel by Kyell Gold
Dog Country by Malcolm F. Cross
Flower’s Curse by Madison Keller
Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yoko Tawada

Best Novella


The Goat by Bill Kieffer


Culdesac by Robert Repino
The Time He Desires by Kyell Gold

Best Short Story


• 400 Rabbits by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden


• A Gentleman of Strength by Dwale
• Old-Dry-Snakeskin by Ross Whitlock
• The Torch by Chris “Sparf” Williams

Best Anthology


Gods with Fur edited by Fred Patten


Claw the Way to Victory edited by AnthroAquatic
Hot Dish #2 edited by Dark End


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Congrats to Kris Schnee, Fred Patten, and Husketeer!
And me, too, of course.

It feels like a great time to be a furry!

I should also probably thank Phil Geusz for encouraging me to submit a story that I thought wasn't ready.

And thanks to Weasel for getting it out there and letting me have Veigatch as a cover artist to make my book look different than most other Furry books!

I am large grey draft horse. Currently, I am attempting to raise funds due to a death in my family.

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Oh, it was ready all right! =;)

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Congratulations to ALL the winners.

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