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Bucktown Tiger returns to 'Jeopardy' to defend 3-day winning streak

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Go Josh Go.jpgBucktown Tiger, a well known musician in the furry fandom, faced regret in the winter of 2017 for not being able to attend what would become largest furry convention in the world in the unseasonably warm Chicago. The piano-playing feline had another, conflicting engagement: auditioning for the classic America trivia game show of Jeopardy.

This audition was fruitful, gaining the furry a contestant slot. Now a half year later, the tiger has risen up to the challenge of his rivals on the stage, winning three shows in a row in the first week of May, and bringing home a three-day purse of $82,866. And he’s not done yet; following the Teacher’s Tournament, he'll be returning this Monday (May 21st) to defend his title. Want to watch and see if he'll continue the streak? Use this webpage to find your local broadcast time and station.

Update 5/26: Game 8 did not go so great for the tiger, with two fresh and competitive contestants a weary tiger fell behind. Virginia got a mountain of cash as she aggressively bid on correct answers in all three daily doubles and final jeopardy. Bucktown however, should rest up, as the winningest contestant of this Jeopardy season he will be returning for the Tournament of Champions in the future. His final run: 7 days and $163,721.

But it was never about the money or winning to Bucktown… more a wish to fulfill a childhood dream. The furry musician had loved the game since as long as he could remember. The concept of a show that made the cerebral pursuits seem cool struck a chord with him. When still in school he even tried to make it on the Teen Tournament; however, despite making it to the auditions back then as well, he did not make it onto the show. Bucktown had blamed his shortcoming at the time on youthful arrogance.

He never gave up on that goal, though, and learned from his mistakes. Eighteen years later, the tiger didn't lose his grip on those dreams of the past, instead fighting to keep them alive. Now he will join the contestants for a fourth time: face to face out in the heat of the stage lights to defend his title.

I guess while they say that tigers can’t purr, they do seem to have a hefty bit of purr-severance.

Update 5/24: New art has replaced the outdated 3-day total photo. This art has been used with permission by CartoonOwl on Twitter. Thank you for allowing us to use this. Click the photo to go to the original tweet.


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Go Bucktown! I feel bad that I missed the 3rd game (I was relying on someone to upload a recording but I can't find one) but we'll be watching and rooting for you again tonight!

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Here is a link with the first three games:

The second episode starts at 19:25. The third episode starts at 38:38.

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Just watched some random bits. The last question in one of the episodes was something like "who wrote a letter to Theodosia in case he would die?" No one got it right!? Seriously!? Did they all just miss Hamilton? The biggest musical in the past few years? And Bucktown Tiger is supposed to be a musician.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Other than that, he's crazy good at general knowledge.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I've heard the musical - even reworded part of it - but I wouldn't have remembered that. Names are hard.

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You can find all the clues and responses from the games Bucktown played on J-Archive:

This is the same website the IBM Watson researchers went to get training data for DeepQA! (It also has much less advertisements.)

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He won again! :)

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I plan on Updating the Update with the latest info, but only on the following morning to avoid spoiler effects.

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It was a bit more of a cliffhanger this time. All three of the contestants got the final Jeopardy wrong. If either of the other two had gotten it right he would have lost.

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There's now even fan art.

Not fan art of Bucktown Tiger, no, it's fan art for J. Hill!

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I saw that! And I may have asked them for usage on it because it fits with the streak so well!

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May 24rd. That's as many as twenty fords. And that's terrible.

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So that people aren't confused this comment is in regards to the May 24th update which will be replaced on my 25th

Update 5/24: After a rough start the tiger pounced back just in the nick of time, taking game 6. Total is now $144,120. He will return on May 24rd. It can also be assumed he will be invited back for the Tournament of Champions in the future.

I had forgotten to change the suffix of the date from the 23rd to the 24th in the update, I hadn't had coffee yet.

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I want my cakes back! (I actually have a beat-up copy of The Super Dictionary. You can totally see Mojo Jojo learning to speak with it.)

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Bucktown's roaring reign ends at 7 games. He ends as the winningest contestant of the season.

And he got me to use the word "winningest", which is a word that make me cringe... look what you made me do.

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Will he do a Jeopardy contestant rap?

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