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Fursuited cops surprise speeding motorists

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LA police use non-uniformed officers in sting operations to catch speeding motorists... but decided do go one better than just not wearing their uniforms.

Read the story here.

Lets have more fursuited policing! :-)


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Dang, lapines must have a strong union. Now, if the presiding judge comes in wearing a lion's outfit... heh.

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I have just four words on this topic.

McGruff the Crime Dog.

Okay, seven more.

"Take a BITE out of crime!"


Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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krewl and unusual pun-ishment???

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In other news this Easter Sunday, Peter Cottontail was cited for exceeding the maximum speed on the rabbit trail.....


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well to me this problem the're trying to solve looks like a good reason for un-deifying the automobile and maybe grade seperating trafic from pedestrians in at least some critical high risk places. as for the approach - yah ultra cool of course - but i think they need more variety and not just at one or two holly day seasons - lions and tigers and bears perchance oh my - and large cats too ... fursuits designed to do that kind of work in sound like an interesting challange - cooling systems and all that - and of course the absolutely neccessary pockets for cytation book, pen and flashlight/batton - maybe even a uniform with all the usual standards - designed to intigrate with such a suit too - i mean in addition to the 'plain furs' ... ~;)

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