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Get in on the 2018 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards!

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Crossing, artwork from 2017 depicting a mammoth by Caraid and Nomax.I found out about the Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards only yesterday (Dec. 26th), and I wish I'd known about them sooner!

They're a labor of love to the fandom by Bahu, and I'm not even going to try guessing how many artists he must follow on an annual basis to narrow down 29,000 pieces of art to 875 contenders (3%), then working those numbers down even further. And that's not counting the People's Choice Award, which you can vote on before January 1st if you act quickly!

In Bahu's own words, from the summary of the 2017 winners:

With excellence in any genre should come recognition. As the anthropomorphic arts community blossoms and grows, we've been so fortunate to see an explosion of talent, craft, and discipline explode across our screens.
We're so lucky to have this in our lives, and for the last few years I've wanted to do something to recognize that excellence in anthropomorphic artwork and illustration.

And most importantly, I felt that it deserved more than just recognition. So this year, I set aside $100 dollars [Canadian], to award to the creator of the very best artwork that graced my life. No strings attached. Free money. Just my way of saying thanks for being awesome. And then $50 for the audience's popular choice, and $20 more for a piece of art and charity that I felt deserved special recognition.

I hope next year, others who feel the same way will do the same. Recognize greatness, but more importantly, nurture it. Feed it.

Don't wait on others, or a committee, or a hashtag. Be the patron you need to see more of in the world.

And please, share this document and sentiment with friends and fellow fans. Point them here, or anywhere you feel that an artist could use a little more light and help along the way.

Our fandom has tried to promote its artwork several times in the past. Offhand, there was Darrell Benvenuto's American Journal of Anthropomorphics; and there was a gallery art show organized by Mark Merlino and Rod O'Riley.

I think a couple of talented artists might have been approached to contribute to the 2014 book Furries Furever? And I have a hazy memory of someone trying to organize a glossy coffee-table book to showcase our artists, maybe back around 2006-2008(?) - I remember seeing an early-draft PDF, but the project never came to fruition and I can't remember any details.

(Update: Roz Gibson has identified the latter as a 2010 book by Brian Kotulis called Aether d'Animaux, which did in fact get printed by and is rather expensive. There were indeed draft PDFs that were briefly made available, and a short Adobe Flash preview still exists on the Intrinsik Design website. Thanks Roz!)

Anyway, I was very happy to hear about this award, because I love it when artists get recognized for their work! I have a binder of furry art that I've put together to show to non-furries at local cons, which I sadly don't get around to updating as often as I'd like.

So! Is there a piece of furry artwork that really stood out for you in 2018? If so, post about it in a reply to this Twitter post ASAP! Specifically, the Awards are looking for artwork that:

  • Powerfully evokes emotion,
  • Demonstrates aesthetic and technical mastery, and
  • Would make you excited to show people as proof of excellence in anthropomorphic art.

Take a look at the sort of thing they're looking for, and let's hear a cheer for the best artistic talent we have to offer!


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I like the idea but I don't think I like the current way of selecting art. Based on the 2017 award link on the Twitter account, the artwork was all from artists Bahu was watching on FurAffinity and favourited. The first problem is that it is then exclusive to FurAffinity and discriminates against artists who are not on FurAffinity. The second problem is that it the initial selection is heavily biased by what Bahu likes. Now, the art does look amazing and it is his money but that doesn't really feel like it's a good way to do a fandom award.

If its going to be based on a vote by other furs, then I think it would be better that nominations were open to everyone and included other sites. That would, in principle, make it more fair. It would probably also make sense then to have donations so it's not just Bahu funding it but that's really a minor issue. I certainly don't have an issue with his philanthropy and more of these awards should help showcase good art that might be overlooked otherwise. The Ursa Majors have an overlapping category but this award seems to offer a better selection. I guess that's the positive aspect of being driven by a specific person instead of a committee.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
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