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Winners of the 2018 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards

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The Awards' Twitter icon.The results are in for the 2018 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards! I'm going to summarize the results below, but if you want the complete version with thumbnails of all the artwork, take a look at the official announcement posted to Google Docs.

Almost all the links go to FurAffinity pages, and they should open in new windows.

Early contenders:

These were the starting art works that were considered for the award in 2018.


These next pieces came particularly close to being considered as finalists.

Special Merit Award:

This was awarded to a timely historical photograph, showing two people who passed away recently. We don't know who took the picture, but Kay Shapero posted it to her website. It shows the late Fred Patten, on the right, becoming the official editor of the Rowrbrazzle APA in January 1989. He's standing next to the previous editor, Marc Schirmeister (in the middle, with the beard, still alive); and on the far left, the late Bob Hill is dressed in an early fandom costume based on Jerry Collins' Bambioids.

Finalists, Audience Choice, and the Winner:

There were four finalists. An Audience Choice Award was determined by popular vote, and it was very close - in fact, out of 771 votes, there was a tie!

And even though it only got 24% of the popular vote, the winner of the 2018 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Award, chosen by Bahu, was "Cyber Squalor" by Nomax, a commission for Dotti:

A damaged, anthropomorphic and cybernetic dalmatian languishes alone, sitting against a sewer grate.

And in one last category...

Artist to Watch in 2019:

The portrait-style work of Ira-Arn!

(Previously on Flayrah: Get in on the 2018 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards)


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If you want to mention artists to watch in 2019 then you should take a look at this amazing artist!

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