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Furry gaming: Recent and upcoming releases

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A hrothgar, a feline humanoid race from the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers expansion.

After reading about games that were shown at PAX East, I decided to put together a list of games with animal content that came out in 2018 and early 2019, plus upcoming ones. It's not a complete list and I don't know how good the games are; these are the ones that caught my eye. As for upcoming releases, it's always a bit of a gamble. So let's get started!

First off, if you want a wider selection, there's a curated Steam list for the Anthro/Furry tag, started by Foxysen. It tries to organize the games into different categories - always an uphill battle in terms of subjectivity. If you're in the mood to watch games instead of playing them, there are things like Furry Watch and Furries on Twitch.


Released Games:

Ghost of a Tale, a third-person action-RPG with some stealth elements, starring a mouse. Steam, GOG, Xbox One, PS4. From SeithCG. (My co-editor has played this, so occasionally in this list you'll see links to Tantroo plays.)

The Pirate's Fate, a furry visual novel with mature content and transformations (let's just say the plot thiccens). On Steam. From T.F. Wright and Volkenfox. (Tantroo plays)

Moss is a VR action-adventure puzzler with a mouse, who knows some sign language. (There are captions.) Vive, Rift and other VR platforms. From Polyarc.

Tanglewood, a retro-graphics side-scrolling puzzle-platformer with a fox. Steam, GOG, and ... Sega Genesis/Mega Drive? This game has an interesting development history - there are YouTube videos. From Big Evil Corporation and Matt Phillips.

Fox n Forests, a retro-graphics side-scrolling platformer, with a season-changing mechanic. Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Switch. From Bonus Level Entertainment and EuroVideo Medien. (Tantroo plays)

Super Lucky's Tale, a 3D platformer very much in the spirit of Nintendo, with a little cartoony fox. Xbox and Steam. From Playful Corp.

Furwind, a retro-graphics 2D action-platformer with a fox. On Steam. From Boomfire Games. (Tantroo plays)

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a turn-based tactical RPG. Steam, Xbox, PS4 (and Switch is planned). From The Bearded Ladies and Funcom. (Tantroo plays)

Fe is an exploration and 3D platformer in which you play a fox-like creature in a forest. PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch. From Zoink and EA.

Lovers of Aether is a dating sim and April Fools joke, based on the 2017 platform fighter Rivals of Aether. On Steam. From Dan Fornace.

Furries & Scalies & Bears Oh My!, a furry visual novel/dating sim. On Steam. From Stefan Klaus.

Cattails, an animal simulation RPG, similar to Stardew Valley. Steam and Switch. From Falcon Development.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Xbox One and PS4. From Toys for Bob and Activision.

Donut County, a physics-puzzler in which you control a hole that swallows things up. Steam, GOG, PS4. From Ben Esposito and Annapurna Interactive.

Falcon Age, a first-person action-adventure in which you train a falcon. PS4 and PSVR. From Outerloop.

And of course in the last year there have been additions to Smash Ultimate, Pokémon, and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Episodic and Early Access Games:

Winds of Change, a furry visual novel with romance options. On Steam. From Klace/Tall Tail Studios.

Deltarune, an RPG spin-off from Undertale. Steam, PS4, Switch. From Toby Fox.

The Crown of Leaves, the first chapter of a furry visual novel. On Steam. PC demo available. From Natalie De Corsair and Lingrimm.

The Hayseed Knight, a PG-13 furry visual novel with a comedic tone. On PC. From SandraMJ.

FoxTail, a 2D point-and-click adventure. Steam and GOG. From Gingertip/Artem Vodoriz.

Super Animal Royale, a 2.5D shooter. On Steam. From Pixile.


Games In Development:

The Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion will add the Viera and Hrothgar races, though there's been some controversy over that.

An Animal Crossing game is being made for the Switch.

There's been some recent Japanese footage of Fugue on the Battlefield on the Switch.

Blacksad: Under the Skin, based on the comic book series. An "investigative narrative" game. From Pendulo Studios, YS Interactive and Microids.

Spirit of the North, a third-person exploration-adventure, with a fox travelling across landscapes. On PS4. From Infuse Studio.

Untitled Goose Game, a stealth game in which you play an annoying goose. Steam and Switch. From House House and Panic.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats, a pet simulator. Already out in Japan on the Switch, it's got an English release in the works. From Imagineer and Sold Out.

Kemono Heroes, a multiplayer 2D arcade platformer. From Mad Gear.

Songbird Symphony, a rhythm game with exploration platforming. Anticipated for Steam and Switch. Demo available. From Joysteak Studios and PQube.

Biomutant, a single-player third-person action-RPG. It looks like you upgrade your character using mutation, bio-mechanical body parts, and equipment. PC, Xbox One, PS4. From Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic.

Lenin The Lion, a puzzle-RPG about overcoming depression. On Steam. From Lornyon.

BattleBeasts, I think this is going to be a multiplayer competitive shooter? Some people have gotten pre-alpha access. On Steam. From One2.

Deeeer Simulator, a very silly... uh... "slow-life town destruction game", controlling a deer with very unique physical properties. Based on a successful kickstarter. On Steam. From Naspapa.

Speaking of bizarre animal physics...

Phogs, a co-op physics game in which two players control two dog heads, joined by a stretchy, ropy body. From Bit Loom and Coatsink.

Radical Rabbit Stew, a retro-graphics action-puzzler. Anticipated for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. From Pugstorm and Sold Out.

Tunic, an isometric action-adventure with a fox. Steam and Xbox One. From Andrew Shouldice and Finji.

Hamsterdam, a 3D brawler. Anticipated for Steam and other systems. Demo available. From Muse Games.

Skatebird, with a skateboarding bird. On Steam. From Glass Bottom Games.

Thanks to several people who helped me put this list together! Rook, Sparkle Husko, Kit and Tyler WolF.

For those of you who've played any of these, what did you think of the gameplay? What releases are you looking forward to? What good games have we missed?


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I've played Moss. While there are some puzzle mechanics it's mostly a platformer that you interact with in VR. Very pretty, too difficult for me, tho. If you like tough platformers and have a VR setup...

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Games I'm waiting for with various degrees of optimism:

Witanlore: Dreamtime (bear RPG)
Vulpine (animals with big swords)
Backbone (raccoon noir)
Ferret Scoundrels (ferrets say arrr!)
Kobold Garden (pet the pretty lizards)
Hunt and Snare (furry sex game)

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Ghost of a Tale was already reviewed on Flayrah.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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There is an upcoming VR game being developed by Sanzaru Games called Asgard's Wrath. Based on Norse Mythology, it's an action-adventure that mainly focuses on combat and puzzle-solving with some RPG aspects. You can switch between a human warrior and the god that is watching over them.

The furry aspect comes in with the companions mechanic. As a god, you can pluck animals from the environment and turn them into anthropomorphic creatures to help out the human character. So far, only 3 (bull, falcon, frog) have been revealed but more have been promised.

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None one seemed to ask those animals if they even want that.

I guess that's just how gods roll.

Well, I'll be...

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Once again, the furry fandom functioned like a well oiled information gathering, aggregating, and sharing machine.

Which is what it is, in a way.

Well, I'll be...

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On Steam, Saint Hazel's Horsepital: "Your best buddy has been kidnapped by a mysterious hospital director, and you are going to save him! The only problem is... you are a horse."

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hi im wolf da fursuiter im new here

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hello if ya dont know me im new here what is this

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