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It's almost time for the 2019 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards!

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Art by Ilya Royz.When it comes to furry artwork, I love to see creativity in detail, mood, backgrounds, world-building and species. I don't follow specific artists, and the high-quality stuff is scattered all over the place, so most of the time I rely on stumbling across artwork I like by accident. Or I find an artist on Fur Affinity who's very good, look at their favorites, and explore sideways. So it's a nice surprise at this time of year to be reminded of the Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards, which gives me a fresh starting-point from which to discover new works!

The awards are organized by Bahu and some other judges, and if this year's awards are anything like last year's, there should be a People's Choice award coming up soon that people will be able to vote on!

So if you've got any favorite pieces of artwork from 2019 that blew you away, it might be a long-shot at this late juncture, but you can reply to Bahu's tweet above! Here are some pieces that they've posted in the last year, not all of which may be in the running:

Merry Christmas, and good luck to everyone in the New Year!


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The painting in this page.

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I was about to speak my mind about things I like never winning anything, BUT this is a DRAWING contest. All of these look great, so.... whoever wins it won't be too disappointing.

Well, I'll be...

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