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Cat Attack Now Described As 'Hate Crime'

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The assistance dog of a disabled man visiting the library was attacked by a cat who was the unofficial mascot of the library. Now the man is suing the library, calling the attack a "hate crmie".

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"hidden disabilities."

I think we have a defective Human here.

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no kidding... how does this constitute a 'hate crime' again? a hate crime against who? the dog?

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People will sue for anything. And the sickening part is, he'll probably win.

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Most frivolous lawsuits are lost; it's the rare case when someone wins that it gets a lot of publicity (e.g. the famous McDonalds coffee case).

In this particular case, calling it a hate crime is utterly ridiculous. The article doesn't say how the dog fared in the incident, but even if the dog was killed the $1.5M the man is demanding is probably excessive (it is outrageous if the dog fully recovered or wasn't hurt seriously).

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The McDonald's coffee case is not even a very good example of a frivolous lawsuit; that coffee severely scalded the woman. And she didn't even actually win the large amount she asked for; she settled for a reduced amount.

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Some people are prone to seizures and have "siezure dogs" They can tell when a siezure is imminent, and cary medicine in a little doggy backpack. They are real service animals, but since people aren't "blind" and otherwise look fine, they aren't provided the same status as other service animals.

Of course, this guy is still a whack-job, and has no business winning, but he is right about discrimination against people with service animals for "hidden disabilities."


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